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[New game launch News] lekool Rich$tate CB launch

Lekool games, leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, has announced the launch of its brand new strategy-centric, business simulator game Rich$tate, with  the promise of a highly entertaining racing feature never seen before in any online browser based game. 4 ?2 a& [3 d3 ?  c% ]
The Closed Beta test of Rich$tate starts on 25 November 2011 at 7:30 PM PST.2 a& {4 I% e7 B: C
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Do you want to be a millionaire? Rich$tate will give you the chance to be a millionaire and own your own racing team. Rich$tate is a Business Simulation game that amalgamates store management, car racing and guild competition, where players quickly become Tycoons in the business world. Create a retail empire by building stores, contract employees to handle all the customers, and increase your company's level by using your cunning strategy. Use cash to support your racing empire.
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Features :7 K  ^, O. Y' X5 k
--        Store Upgrade – Create and upgrade store. The more and higher the number of stores, the more money to support your gaming operations.
% w6 J" n9 I# i--        Employee – You are only as good as the people you employ. Hire the best employees or poarch them from others to make your business the best.2 X1 M5 y% z) [7 t) G' I  z
--        Car Racing – Own a racing team. Race against a single player or take part in multi player race.
; W% _/ m0 ~" N3 q( P1 j( T; I/ r--        Vehicle Components – Get better parts. Better cars and better equipment make your cars go even faster.  m; W4 ^9 G: X/ |' ^# P. [
--        Item Enhancement System – Unlike most games where constant failures can create disappointment, in Rich$tate, most enhancement has a 100% success rate.
) t2 V8 v3 P" r* z- h9 {--        PVP & PVE System – Rich$tate has League based tournaments, multiplayer and Player vs Player Tournaments. Compete against the best players of the best leagues to prove your mettle

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7 b$ C* c; T3 S0 d) X0 A* ~More varieties of gameplay in Rich$tate await discovery. Join the Closed Beta on Lekool games and seek your fortune in a business wonderland. Join the Closed Beta test and stand to win great rewards!; a9 t+ Q) Q- R1 G6 X6 x% i
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! y; Q' a0 l( i2 g) a. A0 o
' X% q  B; o) D5 q" o3 B0 }$ T1 V9 Ylekool team
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2 P( i) D1 P- W: o

* w$ `) }6 Z8 e/ ]   


Can't wait .


the CB launched & w! h( K1 ~  z. T
Play here :·


ok ty simeny


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