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[New Server Announcement] Call Of Gods Server 2 Launch Announcement

Lekool games a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games are delighted to announce the launch of Server 2 of the real-time strategy RPG game Call Of Gods, experience the next generation of browser RTS/RPG game play and you will find waiting for you on the latest server many new and exciting events for your added enjoyment. % D( g% o8 |( j7 N2 `0 u2 w5 ~
The new Server will be launched on 15th November 2011 at 7:30 PM PST time.4 C+ s' `0 j2 h* v% D3 ~

7 Z' w% M2 ?% w4 K; p( Q- x! q) o; e; z
Call of Gods (CoG) is a beautifully crafted, browser-based massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. CoG is a revolutionary update to the tired city-building. it beautifully combines the elements of RPG to a classic city-building strategy game. You start the game by choosing a race; there are 3 races option, namely Human, Undead or Elf. Each race has their unique advantages and special race specific units.5 Q7 F) A: N+ L  a

# x- w& W# b4 Z! TCall of Gods features these unique elements, not yet found in most other games,1 d" ?" G' g( _, d$ ^
in CoG everything is upgradable from your buildings, hero, units, etc. all the different upgrades give you a further advantage in the game, such as upgrading hero levels give better stats to the hero, upgrading buildings give better productions and unlock new better units and skills.
! ~* @8 t  b5 g3 p0 O
9 r+ |/ i7 J; pThe game has great graphics and every attention is paid to details, like buildings, terrain (deserts/grasslands etc) unit type and heroes. PVP & team battles where not only do you need brute strength but clever tactics to beat your opponents. NPC battles and quests guide you in your quest to be the strongest player. Unique Transmute system allows you to combine any number of equipments to get better and higher equipments. Call of Gods also boasts a sophisticated battle system which takes into account range unit type, hero attributes, equipment and much much more.* ~1 F2 T. N' X& M. d: y. j& Q

/ ^4 ^" U. y2 B$ Y0 C) V8 p6 }  I / L5 X# S# \( {9 _  y4 P
Features :
/ K! v& k0 |6 E" I6 g2 n% U9 S--        Beautiful Graphics – Animated battle System with beautiful 3D graphics
8 {5 c4 q4 a: I1 g& r--        Team Dungeon Attacks – Players can team up and combine heroes and troops to battle dungeon bosses. Or travel solo and take on waves of NPCs in numerous challenging dungeons.
7 C" y% a; U' J& v" o--        Alliance Quests & Upgrades – Join an alliance once you reach level 10. Players in an alliance can complete special alliance quests for exclusive upgrades. Alliance upgrades benefit all members. Plus battle other Alliances to gain valuable rewards
  o, {! d( q" P$ l: T--        Battle Replay – Relive glorious wins with a replay feature and then show off your wartime prowess to friends with a shareable URL of the battle

) ]+ ~" x; m8 S6 Z, X8 p3 U) l9 Q, O& f) |1 ^. }
Join the new server for more events and more fun!
5 R1 n" T9 N; D2 ?
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