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[Announcement] Hiring Moderators/Game Helpers for all lekool games

Dear Lekool Players,
! P: M! d! S/ q& B
1 \+ c! c3 q# u! P# f! ]2 K6 KAs we are opening new games and new servers, we will need more moderators to help us maintain the rules, help the newbies and grow the community. We are looking for players who are experienced, active, responsible and cool headed for position of Game Helper and Chat Moderators.  
& H3 `/ d5 m4 w" V, _The roles and responsibilities include:0 l4 Z  [$ R; T$ p
1) maintain Chat/Forum Rules like persuading the players to use english, reporting Spammers to GMs, trolling/abusing/bullying of players
! p6 j- @5 I2 Y1 a9 {2 L- R  lekool Rules -- ... &extra=page%3D1
) C: C/ R( t, M8 t2) Help newbies when they log in, answer any questions that players have and Make them aware of the different tutorials, Forum Posts and Guides.
$ t1 I! I& g1 C' P) y3) Help in reporting Bugs and organize Bug reports.$ h/ P+ `% ]" V
4) Communicate the events, news, changes in the game/rules to other players.* c1 H2 V% r/ ]
5) Maintain a active, fair, engaged and fun environment for players.
- J5 m* y5 {' z% G9 {! K8 L
! l6 ]& C% g0 \0 SHow To Apply:
6 c2 w( Y' X4 w  W& c( WPlease send application to & CC all mails to with the following' G5 l2 T: M5 B0 Q* Z

6 X' a: e. _+ m% y1 {9 U. PApplication Format:
: @% U7 L' C- d# s. d2 Q) b4 `; [; IAccount name/Role Name/ Ingame Name :- S- d3 V+ O+ _2 c" P! Q: X: c1 `# D
Real Name :4 E# G: l: s, z0 w1 N2 K' ^
Gender :
% O; J0 t8 c- A! ^3 f+ DGame you Want to Moderate :& O4 n" N/ Y' w7 c8 K
Your State/Server :
9 [% V0 G. m% hInterest in What Role : (eg : GH or Chat mod, Select 1)7 P2 L9 \! N# r% K" ]# N
Date of Birth :
" S# K' q2 A) s. B- J8 a( @How Long have you played the game :
0 i% L1 s: a& h& g6 L! Q
Any Online Marketing Exp or Exp with Computers : (any exp with computers means, programming/coding/ Graphics etc)& @, v! @) w# b0 T5 }* Z) [" d  `( Z
Online Time and Hours committed for Job :   (please specify the most common time you are online with reference to Ingame clock)
. N$ z6 M# P  P- W3 N6 ANationality and language Spoken :4 ?! m( S- O0 F; W
IP address :; `7 s$ e" S" p' i- g
Chat Client address and Mail ID :+ [1 Y3 N( r3 y2 o5 H* v  R, R# ~
About Yourself :
  ( A brief introduction about yourself, your strong points and weak points, why will you make a good Moderator etc)
/ \# J) g, z3 J  H4 f$ {: ?/ C  S

- r+ ~% O; w& T- M% S
3 t& j; P6 b2 O6 z. dThanks!  P3 U, ]- i- i: N
Lekool Team
. F5 i/ x, W$ u9 W- b+ W/ k# y  G$ ^& {: g! Z
Note:" @7 h" V. J! o7 {: P- j
All Applicants Should be over 17 years old. English is the Official language of forums and Chat, Please Use only English. the players are free to use any language in private msgs/chat or Guild chat. Please use English. If selected we will get back to the Players with more details. we will not reply to applications which are not valid.
2 V0 _6 ?0 x. D/ kThanks9 x- t1 P: n8 C- ~/ x- U: l
All Moderators or game Helpers are paid Ingame Gold or Ingame currency
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Please do not reply to this post, if you want to apply, just send a application in described format to and CC the mail to
2 A7 E$ |% m* _Thanks


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