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[News] Senatry Server 2 "Romanica" Launch

Lekool Gamesannounces the launch of its latest server, Server 2 “Romanica”, of its free to play and popular webbrowser MMO game Senatry.

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The New ServerRomanicawill be launched on 20th October 2011,7:30 PM PST

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Centered on the era of ancient Rome, Senatry incorporates elements of RPG, RTS and city building where playerscan enjoy a journey through time via the splendid scenes and buildingconstructions to conquer the world and kill your enemies.! c! S& Y- D3 d
At the peak of 2D games, Senatry features world-wide expeditions, strategy,tactics and innumerable league and farm wars, fight to gain total control ofyour area, with your family. Battles include both NPC and enemy players for PVP. In Senatry, you can destroy the rebels, colonize the lands and otherplayers, and even obtain free ingame Goldusing your smart tactics.
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-- Diverse Units and Arrays

-- Great family wars

-- Territory seizing

-- Season system

-- Detailed statistics in battle report

-- Stepwise loading system which reduces the game loading time

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Constant update to game with new features. Soon to be introduced featureslike Trade Market, new battlesystem & new item system.

Senatry link :

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