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[New Game Launch] Fantasy Of Warcraft

Dear Players,
6 I- @* y3 ~& ?Lekool games is proud to introduce its first 3D Browser Based MMORPG, Fantasy of Warcraft5 p  P8 G7 t5 y6 }
Fantasy Of Warcraft is a Unique 3D game, developed using the Microsoft's Silverlight technology, FoW is a fantasy theme based game which will appeal to both hardcore Gamers as well as casual gamers. It absorbs the features of most popular online games to give you a Unique relaxed, funny and absorbing game. Intense battles and innovating gameplay4 ^+ t* {, c" B( t  D1 {5 \
* S' S2 l2 F0 a# P( l& z* g

" H' [% g0 ^0 }/ j( R" |9 z$ i  R& S$ J5 W- Z/ `+ f' E4 n

/ [3 @* ^4 I+ }, _" Z% o1 w( tGame Feature :! E, @& @, i2 t1 n" {5 I8 j
--   1st Game that can be played on PC, Ipad, Iphone, Android at the same time8 V6 G+ Y% e/ M$ f1 W
--   Innovating 3D gameplay and full 3D moving characters
  I6 r0 {/ S+ B5 y--   Quick Load unlike other 3D games which take long time to load, j" m/ X6 t* M' d1 M# j
--   Super Smooth & lag free game interface even with 100’s of players on same part of map
- u  U* \# e. N( [2 A--   Full Screen 3D game, say good Bye semi screen & pixilated full screen games1 c4 Z' O8 ~" O5 x
--   A unique pet system, different than any other games

* k# r& E" g" C: h0 J0 W7 B6 t! N# r4 n. C& z
4 P5 _, T4 [% B! a
Lekool games will give a selected few players a chance to alpha test this game, to be applicable as a alpha tester all you need to do is to reply to this thread with the details of current game you play and server you play and we will send you the link and alpha test account via PM
+ f0 p9 F) f: h' y2 fWe will give you some reward in the game you play as alpha tester ( the game is in English)7 j& v' N7 J; u! \7 K5 Z5 s

/ [- X5 |! P5 b! o$ S( M8 T7 \" S: T! x
Screenshots:2 S5 w/ o  R# D& X6 r

! G$ o$ Y9 R: R& X: J# O( Y. E. x5 |9 I: W
$ b7 d) i2 E) V( v1 n, u3 o

8 j- n8 j1 ~! f# Y& j  ~6 P8 t5 A; V# L

1 Y5 D" V  s  l1 G  G0 ~! b' C, F# R; W& r

* t0 J& J* U9 ?Thanks
4 r  U" ^5 K+ W# ]7 L% y9 fLekool team
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Alpha test plz?


Oooh. Looks like fun!


Oh, i guess i should leave the details.....Im daeghan/daeghz/IViolateToS....i currently play Dragon's Call Server 3...but before that, I participated in all the tourney servers to some degree, WON the first one. And now...I just casually play Dragon's Call....Vote for me?


I'll take one of those alpha tests


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  B& c. H+ j3 a9 n. N( ]3 T0 A' f. _  l  |* @5 f, Y7 R: `+ B8 A
ME TO plz5 }2 J5 l7 e/ c: R/ M! d/ X: P
& q# B* f2 V; K$ ]
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Reply 6# Kyasis 2 ?: T4 z& l& @- h) v% s3 u

* a8 N+ n5 e7 I" h9 j" K  N
$ Z$ ~4 |9 H6 w& w( C    IGN: BiggusÐickus
- q& Y2 \/ d$ |% e  l    Game: Sentry




This game is featured at the recent Microsoft TechED11 Demo! It's a big hit!4 i% Y& f' d1 V8 c; J/ M/ K4 A
; C' P4 e+ |5 q: L
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