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[ Important Notice] Compensation For Caesary take down

Dear Players," b* |! J9 n# p) ?9 }8 c

: n; j. P/ t5 ^8 B4 x; rIts with great sadness and heavy heart, we have to announce that we had to take down due to legal reasons& F2 L  p# Q  [& P& M. D' F; B
9 o2 J- O+ m; [
We know that we cannot compensate the loss of friends, time, effort and money all of you have put in that game. we ask all our players to
; X8 P; ~+ S0 i0 z7 htry other games on lekool. we will give all the players some compensation to try other games like Senatry or Call Of Gods4 W& A9 |5 L) F" ]+ {

* N$ f2 B% |5 C" C3 f7 {, pwe know the compensation will never be worth your time and efforts that you have put in, but we have no other option. we have come up with the following compensation plan   T6 G2 c3 p. B, N" R5 Y
for our beloved players who made this lekool community.
7 ~$ Y1 E0 @7 e) S3 F5 e  r: F- n* c; Q
All Players who try CoG Or Sneatry will be given the following compensation

, v1 c( a( q' k; ENon Paying Players -- 200 to 400 Gold8 i7 A  W& x, x  M5 M, j1 l
Paying Players  -- 1000 to 2500 Gold

0 e% b) v. M: ~2 W
9 F" r" @/ O0 _! sHow To claim compensation :* a* D4 R5 q4 o. n$ B6 `$ h
8 `( G# z0 K0 Z/ F* L: G
Reply to this post with the following details and Format
! c! _0 ^) Y! D) t  GCaesary Ingame Name/role name :
" B/ a6 q3 X. C' TServer/Servers you played :
0 ~) y2 Y$ S; BCompensation Claimed in Game : CoG or Senatry
* v) F% G# J. V/ wYour Senatry or CoG Ingame Name :
+ l% e5 k9 b2 P/ L! ^
) i! [& Q- M5 ?% o

! C# G6 C. ?; P Notes :
6 M( i/ }+ W! R* q$ d2 w) K# I6 t-- You can claim compensation pack in Single Game you want to play
+ e2 l. b: z( b: ^-- All Compensation will be verified, only Players who have made account on Caesary before 1st Oct 2011 are eligible for compensation & only players who played caesary are eligible for compensation! t5 W* Y) {$ b' I  _. B
-- The Compensation Gold will be decided by admin team, the compensation will depend on amount paid (50$ above for paying Players) and rank/prestige (for non paying players)
2 k- K# y  `+ Z0 h, Z$ |0 ]' H; f. }) @-- all decisions made by admin team will be final.
: J. T2 \6 K4 N$ L-- Do not post anything else in this thread that reply will be immediately be deleted so we request that you stick to the topic
( X% Q. f% D* L: c* E; `  w-- Posting in this thread means that you void any claims of refund of money
) L' ]6 g( P( j! F9 b1 z# ^-- Compensation only available on current existing servers & games as on 14th oct 20118 l: X) v5 h& F; B! o: p
-- Do not PM, Please leave the details and compensations will be send within 48 Hours of posting after verifications4 s2 ~4 ]' U5 V5 U

7 i2 O0 K: S5 n# JAdded :; z, N: F9 B3 Y* K0 j; a$ X2 R
Please dont ask for compensation if you have not played caesary, Compensation is applicable to only caesary Players

# c( M' i( `) X+ _  p1 H$ k& k
1 U$ A) \! ]7 T8 B! Y5 ZThank you all for patience and support.7 r5 m* Z" D" F" N8 j/ m1 L: K

( b: s' r* C) s2 E$ o1 AThanks* d5 U+ _* ~5 H7 J
lekool team
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Caesary Ingame Name/role name :  CyndynRhosyn+ V7 {6 k3 ?! F0 U  O
Server/Servers you played :  Caligula(S3?) originally but had just come back and was merged into I think server 10? Can't really log in and check the server name now.  
1 G; e9 I5 z: ?Compensation Claimed in Game : CoG' \# z+ p  y! [3 u4 a: D
Your Senatry or CoG Ingame Name : Rhosyn0 g. S. o* L) G% c

8 n5 r" x2 w6 Y5 c, p! |' W- |
--- Compensation Credited, pls check8 P: p0 d1 Z7 |8 _- U


IGN: Coburg
' b1 @9 Y. @9 Q! I  GServer I cant remember the name :/ (Sorry Xian) (but more than 1 lol)
+ L# y) r( x0 U) H  C$ JClaim CoG  looks good
2 B; j1 U# Q2 E4 O; yCoG IGN:  Coburg+ L" W4 C& `/ H/ E. g# Q1 f& |5 M

( p- y$ Q' H. {' E- n0 fThanks
6 `% w$ P  l# p. D' k2 fGood Luck with Caesary! F: P$ R; ^. X7 j9 B
/ M: T# d8 L' v. S
# R/ I! d, ^8 {6 x
! i! Y3 s3 a5 n+ O  ?7 d6 ^--- Compensation has been credited,( D, c7 C+ U! V& {
pls check6 L4 u% D( ?: B$ e0 l8 E


Greywolf server caesary 11 i think not sure as i cannt log in to check it game name is the same paid Aug 20th $ 30.00 and then again $10.00 also jul 3 paid $10.00 if you need the trasnaction number's i have them as well as everything went though paypal as i have played cog and i did not like it and i am now playing senatry lucina same greywolf on that server
' x$ D' o! f- V/ B# t5 u% V
+ k8 ~+ `. `/ \--- Compensation has been Sent, pls Check- R2 J+ x& _) |  Y- y9 o


Caesary Ingame Name/role name : Kalthor
3 b# _7 `8 U: e6 V5 O; mServer/Servers you played : s2
7 S+ F9 `# q" `Compensation Claimed in Game : Senatry
& O7 |" |. J, d' _% s' d" E  ^Senatry or CoG Ingame Name : Kalthor
2 ^, O; Y, j8 c
, h/ |/ Z* z" ^/ U--- Compensation has been credited,7 E: i, J; s+ `
pls check) b7 j8 Z/ h( M( m/ n


Caesary Ingame Name/role name : CICERO/procurator
& Q0 e; Y, o. D" K% QServer/Servers you played :TITUS
5 Z" g9 @  h" h$ G$ R  Z2 l9 `Compensation Claimed in Game : CoG . r: q; y5 |% {4 P* d: a
Your Senatry or CoG Ingame Name :aragorna: a$ b( m% }5 {( ]  F/ S. `/ K

3 ?5 z1 n) s: L
' h$ W+ U% q3 u0 X4 w+ K--- Compensation has been sent, pls check
; F7 ~  Z* p8 K( ?' J) A7 xthanks


Reply 1# xianhu 4 x, P) b1 P/ ]- u) [* A9 W( ]

3 O2 j. [( }: _& J& p0 u' q  p$ y1 i  U% u( I) Q$ f4 Y
   Player ID HookCaesary S10/S11
! P" h/ i. N- K; V& H( Z9 D& xIGN Hook
9 {$ X- V8 e# C& ]% n) H7 z' m' o& B) P* I: `5 f
Game Senatry
& H9 [6 @, r* v- T+ ?9 LIGN Hook
$ C7 F/ W+ _/ [- [5 ], ^
, Q  L( p% [% v0 u8 |# t. { not really lekools fault! So upward and onward look forward to next big thing game!
* Y8 b5 ?7 x2 }; J" s  P# f* R5 G, _3 z3 T5 z  M& i0 Z6 Q
9 q$ E& H% c4 I) D% n* D9 s7 A
--- Compensation has been sent, pls check( g: e! ]2 q7 Q' U7 {" S


im Fedra from Libertad server, i dont want a compensation, i want you back all the money i spend on this game... no gold no new game... i only like to play caesary... so the only option is to back the money, w5 p7 S: H% K: y& u# L
my email is


Caesary Ingame Nombre / nombre de función: TMRGARRULO  -  GARRULO # u! d! b& l# V( j# A
servidor / servidores que jugar: serve 7 Mystic speed  y  servidor 1  Avecesar  - libertad" Q% J. h3 x& F5 d: J( |
Senatry 5   -  GARRULO  /  TMRGARRULO.
$ X6 L; n  @4 U; Z) U% K
3 {  }4 @3 X7 y9 g0 B4 D2 wUn saludo5 u6 O, N. |, p- l

2 A5 V  k( E9 c8 y' ~) w/ S: P" ^--- Compensation sent, pls check
  K9 f+ ]3 V7 B9 n% |4 CThanks


Caesary Ingame Name/role name : GH_Bridghid/GH_GH_DarkBóinn$ L9 E5 G& C- F& z9 T8 u- y# Y
Server/Servers you played : Mystic and Valens8 ~+ S% \, R! F* [  L
Compensation Claimed in Game : CoG
( K  l6 n  D' F. W; q  W9 ^0 Q! HYour Senatry or CoG Ingame Name : Bridghid% {0 M4 {$ s7 N# U7 L( W
& s: h6 v1 ~! L) Z0 O

# c& V$ O  Z- q$ |  I--- Compensation has been sent, pls check
* |; S1 U# r# f; L* k$ f0 n( Jthanks


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