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HI I AM LORD HAKOPA i am sorry for tthe way i talked in world chat plz cud u take the lock off i play cog


I have played for a few days now and like the game a lot but they often don't speak English for a long time on world chat.  Who knows whether that are chatting or planning attacks.
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. Q4 S7 _( r( e1 X- V: S8 {I guess Lekool doesn't care about players that do not speak whatever language that was bc other people came on and said was ongoing issue.  This was not a few comments  Was only language spoken for long time.) p* l$ e/ k* k
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At least in Caesary no one did that..or maybe was the game mods that kept it English only. Most languages have translating programs don't they?- n$ `, g1 _8 S6 p, I

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* ?( @$ j$ ]  p$ m! uI do like game but gonna look for another one now..and check in every now and then and see what language is being spoken


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