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Subject: Devil Aries Equipment [Print this page]

Author: lingseihoo    Time: 7-8-2018 18:05     Subject: Devil Aries Equipment

I tried to equip Devil Aries Ring to my hero Devil Aires but it doesnt let me,please check the SS below for info

S17 - Elesmere
Author: Joshuff    Time: 7-8-2018 20:12

Easy to exlain ... those equipments are only to add if you have it as Gold hero, won't fit on a pinky one
Author: lingseihoo    Time: 7-8-2018 20:15

ouch, a waste of inventory space then.. its a long way to get that hero to goldie
Author: Joshuff    Time: 7-8-2018 20:37

Well, if you are curious what it can add in a near future, check out this post and follow the link inside > ... &extra=page%3D1

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