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Subject: Support ticket #479 [Print this page]

Author: Lotus74    Time: 5-7-2018 22:09     Subject: Support ticket #479

Im really wondering about your support system...  I have started a ticket over 2 weeks ago...  I have replied several times on the ticket - i have sent mail to 2 times, but i still dont have an answer to my problem??  When can i expect a solution???
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 5-10-2018 20:34

Will check with Xian , sorry for the delay

GM SweetSusie
Author: Lotus74    Time: 5-11-2018 16:44

Ty for your afford SweetSusie, i have now for the third time sent a mail to, i now hope i will get a solution very soon
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 5-21-2018 11:51

Reply 3# Lotus74

   was this issue fixed?
Author: Lotus74    Time: 5-21-2018 17:55

Dear SweetSusie
As i have written on support ticket - the issue about my char maby being banned, still aint fixed...

When i try to log into Lotus74, its say Disconnected with the server. I have also written to about the issue - but sill no solution

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