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Subject: Guild master locked as online while it isn't [Print this page]

Author: thebone25    Time: 4-26-2018 21:55     Subject: Guild master locked as online while it isn't

Chaos Rage - Server 1 - Player Name: Seegfreed

In the guilds, the guild master position is generally taken away
from inactive players (I think after 2 weeks of inactivity)
and is given automatically to another member that has the
In my guild, Academy, I was the guild master, but went inactive
for some months. The guild master title has passed to various
players from time to time, and the system always worked, until
the title dropped on a bugged player.
There are some players that only logged in one or two days, several
months ago, but that are tagged with 'online' even if they aren't.
Please see below the screenshots (in the first one you can see the
guild master - ulukyanan - marked online)


These players just went through the first steps of the tutorial
reaching the level 15-20, then didn't do any activity at all.
Now, having the guild master title locked on this non-playing
player, locks all the possibility to use the guild features, like
launching daily Crystal altar event and upgrading buildings.

Please check the situation and restore it.
Thank you.

Author: xianhu    Time: 5-4-2018 07:59

Reply 1# thebone25
we will check this
Author: thebone25    Time: 5-9-2018 01:11

Reply 2# xianhu

any news?

Thank you.
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 5-10-2018 20:37

Reply 3# thebone25

   will be updated once we have a reply
Author: thebone25    Time: 8-21-2018 13:21

Good morning.

Anything new? Not being able to use the guild hinders the game play so much.

Can we agree on some different action to let us have a working guild?
Is it actually impossible for devs to disconnect those non existant players?

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