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Subject: Can't find where to make the new equipments [Print this page]

Author: thebone25    Time: 4-26-2018 21:39     Subject: Can't find where to make the new equipments

Chaos Rage - Server 1 - Player Name: Seegfreed

I (and i think the other players too) have this problem: the Arsenal interface
where you can make the new equipments with the fragments you get from
the events, doesn't show the correct options.

I make some example below, starting from the last added:

Sealsoul force fragments to make Sealsoul force equipment -
we can get the fragments from events, but can't synthesize them
in the Arsenal interface

Spring love fragments to make Spring love equipment -
same as above

Cupid's bless equipment: can not exchange the 'roses'
for the equipment fragments, but could make the equipment
if you find a way to have the fragments
Those roses where rewards from events for a long time, and
taking away the exchange they can still be used to make the
Spring love fragments explained in the above point, but then
you can't make the equipment anyway.



I have seen people from other servers have the new
I would need an answer to know how to play.
Thank you in advance.

Author: thebone25    Time: 4-26-2018 21:40

Something went wrong with first attachment:

trying again here:
Author: Telsos    Time: 4-27-2018 00:29

I have the same problem, I was able to make spring love equipment earlier but now I can't
Author: thebone25    Time: 5-3-2018 15:32

Good morning,

any news on the topic?

Author: thebone25    Time: 5-31-2018 01:01

I can give an update.

After reaching lev 90, in Arsenal new item options are showing.

I wrote the above posts, because previously you could see all the option even with lower levels.

So, now, i can say it is enough to reach lev 90 to make new equips.

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