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Subject: GL from server 7 new server events and alts in server 7 [Print this page]

Author: alexpeach17    Time: 1-27-2018 12:56     Subject: GL from server 7 new server events and alts in server 7

still haven't got GL from new server events in server 7 its been over for a week or 2 now?

Also this server has a horrible alt (2 accounts) problem. is this allowed if so well guess I know what I'm doing, if not maybe you guys should look into it?
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-27-2018 18:44

what is your IGN?
we do run checked for multiple accounts it however done once a month, is you suspect someone has multiple account, you can report them and we will check it for you
Author: alexpeach17    Time: 1-28-2018 02:24

Reply 2# xianhu

    My IGN is Jeffery
Author: alexpeach17    Time: 2-2-2018 05:58

Just checking on those new server GLs, any progress?
Author: 08200austin    Time: 2-4-2018 13:24

We also have an alt problem on s1-6, the player liza and LIZA1 are the same person, but LIZA1 uses her alt to aquire additional items and has an unfair advantage against other players trying to grow, she uses this strategy in World boss, Cross server boss, and arena.
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 2-6-2018 02:14

Reply 5# 08200austin

   Hello,it will be checked , alting is not allowed
alting is more then 1 account - like using facebook and a email to make 6 total characters

you can have 3 characters on each account/uid . this is part of the games design
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 2-6-2018 02:15

Reply 4# alexpeach17

   gold leaf issue will be checked too
Author: 08200austin    Time: 2-12-2018 12:21

Reply 6# GM_SweetSusie

   LIZA1 and liza are the same person, same alc, always farming together, but they are always on at the same time, have the same name etc. im positive this is an alting issue and not under the same account.
Author: alexpeach17    Time: 2-16-2018 08:45

still wondering about the new server rewards aka Goldleaves its been 2-3 weeks now and nothing
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 2-17-2018 07:52

Reply 9# alexpeach17

   will pass on

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