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Subject: Chest arena [Print this page]

Author: audio    Time: 1-3-2018 05:48     Subject: Chest arena

Im getting allot matching fails last few days,started right after i upgraded my archers 2 max at "soldier lvl"
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 1-3-2018 09:55

how many is alot?
Author: audio    Time: 1-3-2018 16:58

since this should not happen at all even 1 is allot ...
every 3-5 matching fails
Author: audio    Time: 1-5-2018 16:43

how many is alot?
GM_SweetSusie Post at 1-3-2018 09:55

    now i cant fight at all,every try is fail!!! is that enough fails?!
Author: ByronLongreach    Time: 1-5-2018 20:46

Every match since the update has failed for me.
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 1-5-2018 23:52

have asked for it to be checked
Author: audio    Time: 1-6-2018 08:03

Rouse PVP isnt working eather
Author: Joshuff    Time: 1-6-2018 17:56

Reply 7# audio

Maybe it is easier to tell what is working, to many bug unsolved lately  
Author: audio    Time: 1-9-2018 04:34

50 fights-4 fail at matching and 4 matches at last started like this ...maybe they should look deeper in to it
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 1-9-2018 11:18

Reply 9# audio

   reported again
Author: audio    Time: 1-18-2018 03:43

devs r tying do nothing
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 1-19-2018 08:48

will report it again
Author: audio    Time: 1-26-2018 03:45

16 days...............
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 1-26-2018 08:28

seems connected to your other loading issue will have devs check it again . hopefully they can find something
Author: audio    Time: 3-9-2018 16:15

now its broken again,cant match,and not just for me,got reports from other players
Author: audio    Time: 3-10-2018 01:33

ignore this,its already repaired along with spirit arena

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