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Subject: cant log in [Print this page]

Author: brinshawna    Time: 8-1-2017 04:12     Subject: cant log in

why am i getting a ''disconnected from server'' msg when i try to log my toon on S1 ?
Author: xianhu    Time: 8-1-2017 08:51

Reply 1# brinshawna

your account has been banned for multi accounting and suspicion of being sold to someone else. you can send a email to using your registered email id and valid photo ID proof if you are the original account owner to have it unbanned.
Author: brinshawna    Time: 8-1-2017 11:29

Post Last Edit by brinshawna at 8-1-2017 11:44

thats bull xian. i didnt sell the account to anyone.
a friend was fixing it for me since i had let it go so badly and i gave him permission to use it.
last i heard, piloting other ppls accounts was acceptable on lekool since alot have done it in the past and still do (also have alts).   
Besides since when is a photo id necessary for an account that you never had a photo id to start with ?  Check your fb messenger.

If someone makes that kind of accusation, where is your proof and where is your request asking if this is true ?
Your asking for photo id that this is my account, im asking for your proof that the account was sold.
Author: xianhu    Time: 8-1-2017 11:52

Reply 3# brinshawna
you need to send a email from your registered email id for the account and you need to send a valid photo ID like drivers license, passport, federal ID or any other valid photo ID. we have given you option to get unbanned as we were reported on the issue of account being sold/given and we are giving you a chance to prove it you had not sold it and verify account ownership. if there is proof account is sold and multi, its not unbanned and there is no option to have it unbanned.

you can read the Terms of Service carefully, you will find babysitting is allowed when the players involved get permission before its babysit, long term babysitting is considered multiple accounting and you need to send id proof, details can be found here ... &extra=page%3D1
Author: DoDi4711    Time: 8-5-2017 18:34

Tips: The Author has been banned or delete.
Author: xianhu    Time: 8-6-2017 01:10

Reply 5# DoDi4711
you are using different account to login the game, please read this carefully
1. your account is registered using username -- dodi471 and not dodi4711.
2. you are using a different account to login the server and hence cannot get in the account. you need to use correct account to get in the game.
3. the support tab has "attach" function at bottom which shows like this [attach]94539[/attach]
use this to attach images in your ticket or use simple email. you can send email to
4. you are using dodi4711 to login or using wrong account. do not use or create multiple account even if you dont enter games
5. clear your browser cache and history then login the "correct" account.
6. please use single support ticket or email for communication, we sent you reset password for dodi471 4 times through support reply, none were acknowledged and you created a new ticker hours later saying you cannot login july.

Author: otaku.txie    Time: 8-19-2017 22:45

Xian, you might also want to check some other of her accounts.. check the IP mask on the account that has the characters LED and AUSTIN on them and I can almost guarnatee you will find her IP mask on those accounts also as we have known her for many years and we have always suspected she plays on multiple accounts
Author: xianhu    Time: 8-20-2017 00:26

Reply 7# otaku.txie
we have checked the accounts and already banned the accounts associated with the IP and notified the player regarding this in the mails.
Author: b-8-a    Time: 9-3-2017 22:13

Hello, I have a problem with logging, I will not get into the game
otherwise I'm a janet in the game
help please
thank you
Author: xianhu    Time: 9-4-2017 22:36

Reply 9# b-8-a
what error do you get? can you login now?

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