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Subject: Happy Father's Day 2017 [Print this page]

Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 6-19-2017 03:51     Subject: Happy Father's Day 2017

Happy Father's dayAs the Father's day approaches, Lekool's COG  is happy to have a event to honor Dads. . Simply post a message or card to honor them for each day we are lucky to have them with us

Event opens -June 18th(once posted) to June 20th 23:59

What do i post?
any or all of these = only 1 prize per account --- means you want on all 3 of your accounts you must post for EACH !!!
1 - Post a card
2- post a message
3 - Tell us what kind of impact this person has had on your life.  (Remember - this doesn't have to be YOUR dad - this can be anyone that you feel has been in some way, "parental" to you.


Example Post

IGN -GMSweetSusie.s7
server -m2

2.a message-- Just sending love to all the dad's and great men who take care of us

*please note you may post a card and a message but only will be rewarded once

Author: Turola    Time: 6-19-2017 08:47

Server s10
2. message
    Father-while you have long left this earth, you remain in my heart.
Author: Turola    Time: 6-19-2017 16:38


Father, may you continue to rest in peace with your wife for life and ever afterwards.
Author: audio    Time: 6-20-2017 22:07

Post Last Edit by audio at 6-21-2017 02:29

happy father days to all dads and may the force be with u (and me) and grant us patience with teen's

Author: 51b9e158ca7af    Time: 6-21-2017 00:51


Happy Father's Day:


Author: 51b9e158ca7af    Time: 6-21-2017 00:52


Happy Father's Day:


Author: Turola    Time: 6-21-2017 08:33

Server s10
2. message
    Father, like you I am a father and look to you for my inspiration. RIP.
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 6-22-2017 01:25

event closed -rewards sent within 24 hrs
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 6-22-2017 07:44

Reply 3# Turola

    u can only post 1 time for your s10 event
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 6-22-2017 08:17

rewards all sent

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