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Subject: Failed to Connect to Server [Print this page]

Author: 5082b29d9d99a    Time: 6-12-2017 03:27     Subject: Failed to Connect to Server

Whenever I try to connect it wont let me, i cleared the cache, restarte my computer, tried to use another browser, tried using another device, nothing works
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 6-12-2017 10:05

server is showing as up and working now , please try

please give us in game name and server with all bug post so we can check thank you
Author: 5082b29d9d99a    Time: 6-12-2017 12:00

Still not working
IGN: DayLight
Server: S1 (Hope)
Game: Crystal Saga II
Author: 515cfef9d6923    Time: 6-13-2017 20:34

Well i only get that when my firewall resets when i update or my net is really slow at times
Author: 515cfef9d6923    Time: 6-14-2017 16:40

Post Last Edit by 515cfef9d6923 at 6-14-2017 16:50

or there is an update ongoing since GM Xian dont post anything anymore about maintenance always remember its always wednesday about 12am-2pm it may start on r2 and they just update it around 4-5 in lekool
Author: xianhu    Time: 6-14-2017 20:21

Reply 3# 5082b29d9d99a

do you still have login issues?
Author: 5082b29d9d99a    Time: 6-17-2017 10:16

Reply 6# xianhu

Yes but apparently it has something to do with my ISP so I wont be able to play the game unless i change it or use a VPN

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