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Subject: wings [Print this page]

Author: GothicIceCream    Time: 6-10-2017 06:52     Subject: wings

what happen to the wing event that suppose to be running atm it not even showing up, the only event that shows up is the weekly one, can some one fix this?
Author: xianhu    Time: 6-11-2017 14:13

Reply 1# GothicIceCream

we are reporting this to devs, since its weekend it might take time to fix
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 6-12-2017 10:08

Reply 1# GothicIceCream

   can you please include more information on which wing event isnt working ? thank you
Author: GothicIceCream    Time: 6-12-2017 13:08

the cross server event that runs for 3 days where u get level 8 gems and wings where you need to buy 1000 crystals and inside that event you had elf wings or storm wing on the cross event where you need to buy 5000 crystals

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