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Subject: [Forum Activity] Pick your Pumpkin [Print this page]

Author: xianhu    Time: 10-28-2016 11:48     Subject: [Forum Activity] Pick your Pumpkin

Event Time: Oct. 29th - Nov. 3rd (US  PST Time Zone0

Event Details:
Its harvest time, During the event time pick one pumpkin from the picture shown below. Every pumpkin has it own precious rewards. Be careful it can be tricky, one of those pumpkin doesn't have any rewards. Post your IGN, server and the chosen pumpkin in this thread to win rewards.

Pumpkin rewards will be revealed once the event ends.

-- You can only pick one pumpkin, leave your IGN and Server with the pumpkin number you choose
-- All posts should be made in this thread
-- Only one account for each user, select the server for rewards carefully
-- All rewards will be sent within 3 to 4 working days of event ending
-- Multiple accounts will not be rewarded
Author: koolzet79    Time: 11-3-2016 00:19

server 1
pumpkin no 8

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