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Subject: Kings Bounty [Print this page]

Author: GM_Chibiii    Time: 7-23-2016 03:50     Subject: Kings Bounty


◙ The event will start 10:30 - 10:45 and 15:30 - 15:45.
◙ Treasure chest will randomly appears on the map when the event started.
◙ Each treasure chest gives you lavish rewards such as Goddess Tear, Mount Jewel, golds or crystals.If you are lucky enough you will get treasure keys and thieves which normally drops treasure keys.

Here's a lovely tip on how to do the event effortless.

◙ There are 4 treasure chest appears every 2 mins. So you have to do it quickly and find the chest as fast as you can.

◙ For you to be able to do it, go to you browser settings and zoom out your screen to the lowest digits.

◙ Hide the players, name and titles by simply turning off the options on your game setting

◙ And viola you can enjoy the event and wait till the chest appears.

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