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Subject: SiegeLord Server 2 Launch News [Print this page]

Author: xianhu    Time: 6-28-2016 04:54     Subject: SiegeLord Server 2 Launch News

Lekool games ( announces the launch of their 2nd  Siegelord ( Server.  Server 2 “Empire Rush” will open on 28th June 2016 at 7:00 PM PST time.& U/ c7 M# x- Y7 k7 G- F

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( Y- \; F9 z  s# @+ l2 cSiegelord is a game much similar to the popular television series Games of Throne mixed with traditional 3 kingdom background from China, a classic MMORPG with elements of fantasy, where 3 mighty kingdoms fight to gain supremacy over one another.
$ }, D, ^0 h$ t. x( W( p% `4 t, {Join your preferred kingdom, build your empire, recruit army and heroes and lead your faction to glory. Real time battles and players strategy play a great role in your success.- Y  V2 F) Z  O
0 V$ h* c  `( }1 C/ @
' ?6 V1 [% r& l; r/ A* F
--        Three-way faction war – fight against not one, but two opposing factions in a desperate bid for control of territory and resources.2 V* d8 c% h) \+ o; v7 e2 V7 v
--        Dynamic Map – faction borders constantly shift as players conquer new territory or reclaim the one’s they’ve lost.$ U; D# A0 S3 [4 o2 D- A; H
--        Tactical Real-time combat – change your strategy with every attack to counter the enemy’s plans., f3 o0 c" g; n- L: j
--        Generals – recruit Generals to give your troops an added edge in battle.

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