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Subject: ThunderCall Launch News [Print this page]

Author: xianhu    Time: 5-30-2016 22:25     Subject: ThunderCall Launch News

Lekoolgames (, the publishers of some of the most popular online browser based games have just announced the launch of a brand new MMORPG called ThunderCall.
. I5 B9 r; T" |2 aThe New server of ThunderCall called “Thunderfury” launches on 1st June, 2016 at 19:00 PST time.
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ThunderCall ( online action ARPG game published by Lekoolgames. The game is based on a fantasy theme and gives you a taste of Western Mythology and a vast fantasy worlds which every player can explore. Start your journey as a Warrior or a Mage in an intense battle against monsters and demon hordes, the game from the early stages of gameplay gives the players freedom to build their character as they see fit and join PvP, PvE, group NPC battles and much more: e. b# D3 O1 v% w, q/ I
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Features at a Glance:3 o7 z8 ]$ v2 M( E$ P8 z; ?6 E
These are few features of the game which the players of this amazing game might enjoy.
2 ?( w: `; C* B1. Huge World1 l" B; E/ V7 G
The game allows the players to explore a vast and vibrant world5 a/ G' H: x6 Q  H8 M$ z+ t( D
2. PVP & PVE Battles0 ?; m1 O* \# ]  h
Join massive boss battles with other players, fight dungeons with your allies and friends and engage in epic battles against other players
  _+ a. I* ?* _" [3. Mount & Pet System0 D& F! v5 c1 D( D6 w" M
The game allows you to gain mounts and pets which improve your rating and improve character stats4 X9 H$ X9 _# D: i  n' {
4. Quest Bases Story system  E4 W* {* q! _7 U. i9 |! E" [
The quest based story and gameplay system means an easier gameplay for every player
0 l0 m/ p* G1 L: `! Z: M% a* D7 X0 H! w4 J2 M# R4 r) C

' p$ ?/ o5 A8 `7 F* N; y1 c  f; yJoin our brand new mmorpg and embark on your epic journey
0 l# A' l( W8 e; E/ xFB Fan Page --

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