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Subject: Lekool Maintenance Notice (13th April) [Print this page]

Author: xianhu    Time: 4-13-2016 19:29     Subject: Lekool Maintenance Notice (13th April)

Hello All,2 c; _2 u5 I# s) E, v
6 p: I$ S7 F7 }2 j/ J' u
We will be undertaking maintenance for our web server and game servers. this maintenance is to update and upgrade the servers, fix and improve website experience. During the maintenance duration games and website might not be accessible to our players. Please note the maintenance time for each game.
- ]2 R/ j2 Z% Y( V/ {" k: W, e2 c% q. e
Siegelord :
13th April 2016 from 2:00 AM PST to 7:00 AM PST
; w( B$ I+ ]# v2 C$ eLekool Site : 13th April 2016 from 6:00 AM PST to 10:00 AM PST & Z4 N" v& a) g: ~4 f
Odin Quest : 13th April 2016 from 7:00 PM PST to 14th April 2016, 3:00 AM PST6 U& e  W* i. z5 Y. I  `+ O. J2 h8 \
Crystal Saga : 13th April 2016 from 7:00 PM PST to 114th April 2016 1:00 AM PST$ E2 N* ^5 r$ z0 ^
) P* D/ M5 R" L) u
During maintenance of lekool servers, the website and forums will not be available to the players, however the games will work. if you are in the game during the site maintenance, please do not refresh the game.
# h; N9 T- z0 \# l8 B+ g+ jwe are sorry in advance for any inconvenience caused. lekool appreciates your support and patience while the site and games are under maintenance.
Author: xianhu    Time: 4-13-2016 19:52

, _( }& w1 m; K+ d9 y7 y$ I, V4 aSiegelord server should be back now, please login and check
, J4 s7 f; ^' x* Wthanks
Author: xianhu    Time: 4-13-2016 22:28

Hello: _2 x9 Z8 D- a1 f
If anyone has issues loading page or website, please follow the following guidelines to fix it.0 Z9 [: u' t5 g" O7 p* t6 F

; O0 m" o- s$ b" h, L  E* l1. Clear the cache and history from your browser, when you clear cache, please make sure you selected all the options (except password) and then clear cache from starting of time. then close your browser* h* d, B: N5 f4 I
2. You need to now flush and clear your DNS cache, to do this,
5 a. A9 e7 A- w3 P: tgo to start (in windows 10 just use the search bar option) and type cmd, once you get a option or see the command prompt window, run it as a admin5 ]7 u. j9 a3 Y7 O& E7 N% `
% _8 p# g; C. c7 u; K& X6 H
type ipconfig /flushdns * W% A$ {- S9 N# }
let the system clear your DNS and when you get the success message, login again to check
; f7 V- }3 U. {. `3 f7 B! C
' d" C$ X0 J! b+ bthanks
Author: angelus975    Time: 4-14-2016 18:29

Hello, Odin quest is under maintenance?. b# e3 K, y* o5 t! E8 I8 J
I have blank page and i had clear DNS too, but dont work.
& P) K$ @$ ?: _- yTy for all
Author: xianhu    Time: 4-14-2016 18:30

Hello all,9 P, {  ~; ]$ T; v; U4 h5 `
we are sorry to inform that the Odin Quest server maintenance has been extended by another 2 hours. we are really sorry about the inconvenience caused. $ X" h. W2 L$ N( w( r' a3 x6 @
9 d* Q8 l5 t/ j. K8 A3 }
we will try to have the servers back up quickly as possible/ L( i2 A) N$ J8 ^: s
Author: Frizman213    Time: 4-14-2016 18:34

Reply 1# xianhu . ?7 ]: `6 M( B2 g7 M1 Q" e

) S: H$ ]2 ~- X* o% v- k  o; j% V- Z. e4 P( ^3 X# H  V* s
    It is now 6:32 pst and still cannot log on to OQ you guys are really not serving us very well. Can't bet essences anymore either. THANX for another crappy day on LeKool.
Author: Fester80    Time: 4-14-2016 21:25

Any idea on when OQ will be back up?
Author: Lotus74    Time: 4-14-2016 22:20

Reply 7# Fester80
" S) o* O! ~/ k
6 E& o- R2 ^% E  [& h7 J
. b( ~, S' Q) K* s3 v' h   if we are lucky - tomorrow...
Author: xianhu    Time: 4-14-2016 22:22

2 N" j$ L% ^1 k$ }server 3  should be up now, please check it.
8 e6 S  [3 e% C+ gthanks
Author: Lotus74    Time: 4-14-2016 22:32

Reply 9# xianhu
0 G9 J9 s- M- ?; F0 s0 c/ w- F$ o( W, j0 D

1 o3 f4 J7 K- s/ U8 V$ X% a# D   when will server 1 come online??  I dont have any char at server 3
Author: xianhu    Time: 4-14-2016 23:06

Hello,# \6 v# }9 q" \6 H1 t, D) A5 v
Server 3 will undergo another maintenance to fix the issue with time. it will be back in 10 minutes.
- ], V* X- H% {# d2 wServer 1 will be back up soon, please wait.
+ @5 X  \9 R7 h# X8 e* M  P$ Gthanks
Author: GideonJura    Time: 4-14-2016 23:26

i cant get into server 3 now
Author: xianhu    Time: 4-15-2016 00:02

Reply 12# GideonJura & t1 T! T5 Y0 J! n: M
hello + n8 K5 I- y) e) q+ F
can you check now please, it should be back6 I1 ?1 G, u1 A% N
Author: xianhu    Time: 4-15-2016 00:16

2 A# O. d4 [+ b+ B1 \+ A1 |0 G4 {  rServer 1 should be back too, please check it. if you have error when you try to login, please clear cache and history.
4 H) b7 w3 C- y. n2 ]& F- \
+ L% G8 t, s* j; kwe will compensate for the long maintenance tomorrow.
# ^0 J+ h* ^& w" J) j/ kthanks
Author: Taurus14    Time: 4-15-2016 01:41

12+ hours of maint and no daily reset,,,,,new masterpiece...clap, clap
Author: Taurus14    Time: 4-15-2016 01:42

looking forward to lvl5 enh stones in compensation pack
Author: Taurus14    Time: 4-15-2016 01:47

the best thing is that only mine quests are not reseted...all others can do quests but me
Author: xianhu    Time: 4-15-2016 02:23

9 j( j. N) [2 D2 E& Xi am sorry but the quests have not refreshed for anyone, they will reset after the server refresh today, as stated earlier, there was a issue with time and we had to manually adjust it. ' u6 O* d5 f5 x5 a, e# r  k- ~" @' O
compensation will be sent later for the maintenance
& k0 P, d4 M: d7 ]$ rthanks
Author: xianhu    Time: 4-15-2016 15:25

8 k& d' u6 V' a/ J* s. qThe following compensation will be sent for the maintenance on S1-S2 & S3# j- o0 U) J. m8 Y. L9 b
gold * 588
1 ?6 f( Z7 E: Q/ ycoupon * 500, x* v/ \0 ]2 W7 {0 b6 {
lv9 lucky crystal * 1/ Q5 G% X- C+ N4 U1 w9 K% h$ x
lv7 enhance stone * 6& W% j/ E% U, `5 v5 q4 Y
Ancient grave ticket * 5: T- N# K! s  T& `
senior psyche stone * 5
2 ^4 @2 Y, O  M( L9 ~. _0 D# E( `

* u  p5 ]* i  v4 ]6 K* W, JAll players who are above level 50 and have logged in the game for 10 days should get it8 j' U# F6 ^3 M, U2 u( o" Z4 V( w

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