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Subject: [Feature] Pet new feature [Print this page]

Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 3-31-2016 00:59     Subject: [Feature] Pet new feature

Click the icon [attach]92596[/attach]to see the new feature

1. Improve pet’s quality

a. Use Pet Aptitude Pill to improve pet’s quality, player can only choose 1 attribute to upgrade each time
b. Click the “+” at the end of gauge to upgrade, upgrade requires Quality potion
c. Each use of Quality can improve the corresponding attribute by 1
d. Upgrade will be unavailable once max attribute reached

2. Pet rebuild

a. Pet can rebuild once reaches Lv.40
b. Pet’s level will be reset to 1 after rebuild, overflow EXP will be transferred to rebuild pet
c. Upper limit of attribute and 4 basic properties will be improved
d. Pet can be rebuild again at Lv.50 and Lv.60
e. Pet max level is 110
f. If pet rebuild successfully, his name will be add (+1; +2) below.

3. Pet skill (like hero skill)


a. Unlock pet skill slot to learn the skill
b. Pet skill only valid in pet arena
c. Each pet can equip 6 skills in maximum
d. Skill level starts from 1 and requires advance skill book to upgrade

All pet skill book, Pet Aptitude Pill and Pet Promotion Pill will drop at Monster Island
Author: Joshuff    Time: 3-31-2016 20:11

Post Last Edit by Joshuff at 3-31-2016 20:21

Here to see and read which steps to be made, what it cost and last but not least, what your pet gains.

I will use a Timo pet as example, but the % giving will be same for the pet you use (Baahmax, HellHound or any other pet)

Base stats are the ones on the right side (left side numbers are the Aptitudes of the pet, only to increase with Aptitude pills)

[attach]92602[/attach]After the 1st rebuild (I will name it R* next times).
Your pet will gain 10% of the base stats, aptitudes stays the same.

[attach]92603[/attach]After the 2nd rebuild aka R2.
Your pet will gain once more 10% of the base stats, aptitudes stays the same.

[attach]92607[/attach] and [attach]92608[/attach]
are shown as warnings, before you try to rebuild a pet.

The costs;
R1 [attach]92604[/attach]
R2 [attach]92605[/attach]
R3 [attach]92606[/attach]

The overflow exp from the pet works fine from now on, tested it this morning on my Hellhound;


Total exp feed on the lvl 51 pet = 2.483.680
Lvl 40 needs 1.295.580 > means 1.188.100 to use as overflow

[attach]92612[/attach] + [attach]92609[/attach]
So after R1 it came back as lvl 38 (1.130.940) + 57.160/80.520 exp

+1 extra exp for the 1st rebuild makes 57.161 / 80.520

R2 requires a lvl 50 pet, means all exp above lvl 50 will be used as overflow.
R3 requires a lvl 60 pet, means all exp above lvl 60 will be used as overflow.

I will post exp table in a new post, so I can add missing numbers and you can calculate on which lvl your pet returns after a rebuild.

Author: Joshuff    Time: 3-31-2016 22:54     Subject: Pet Experience sheet 20160515

Post Last Edit by Joshuff at 5-15-2016 11:39

By now all pet levels till 110 are complete with the right experience.
Many thanx to my anonymous helper, without you it wasn't possible

Author: jimmysgourlias    Time: 4-4-2016 17:54

thanks for nice job Josh
Author: Joshuff    Time: 5-15-2016 19:15

Author: crazytyler89    Time: 5-16-2016 20:10

how exactly do pet skills work, i put cresent slash on one of mine
Author: Joshuff    Time: 5-16-2016 21:55

Post Last Edit by Joshuff at 5-17-2016 00:24

Reply 6# crazytyler89


Just read the text to see what it might do, if it gets triggered... and mind also the level needed.
Author: Joshuff    Time: 5-12-2018 02:26

Post Last Edit by Joshuff at 5-11-2018 20:29

Updated list since the pet can be cultivated to the new max lvl 130.

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