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Subject: Call Of Gods Server 12 Launch News [Print this page]

Author: xianhu    Time: 11-14-2015 05:05     Subject: Call Of Gods Server 12 Launch News

Lekoolgames’s ( has just announced the launch of new server for their immensely popular game Call Of Gods. COG is a free to play browser based MMORTS. COG allows players to experience the best of both RPG and SLG in a fantasy setting.
4 P2 ]3 Y2 E' X4 L* _The New server of Call Of Gods(Server 12) launches on 16th November, 2015 at 8:00 PM PST time. , F5 d) z0 V$ H; [2 f
$ \4 [7 A6 [* z- I0 P& g
7 r. b/ m( r6 X1 I" H
MMORTS games have seen a lot of wide attention in recent times in terms of popularity, one such game which has provided all these features is Call Of Gods.  7 w# R4 e) W5 X, Y9 ~2 m, z4 x5 H
Call of Gods is a blend of simulation and strategy. Select from 3 different races, recruit powerful heroes to aid you in battle, arrange different kinds of units with totally unique equipment to carry out quests. Adventure into the dungeons to fight and defeat the monsters found there.  Fight with your friends to defeat the boss special monsters.
: J- |' T8 w- ^COG also features an in-depth and interactive game guide to help your journey in the game.4 `. f1 k6 R, W& U6 `
The game features beautiful graphics, Arena System and Alliance system. Fight with players of different servers to prove your might and bring glory to your server in the Cross Server Championship. & K, l8 y. C) O) G8 L
Features of COG :
2 B& Y7 x* e* u7 l+ C        Beautiful game graphics.. u, a5 B. }. Q( g/ }, V0 Q
        New Pet and equipment system" r2 Y1 T3 V$ V, N& U' f
        Arena System
9 O) \3 }; e( [* M8 r4 e' `. F        PvP and PvE battle system
6 L* s. I! v" F: @+ s( j        Cross Server Battles% R1 {' `3 o; ~  e
        Weekly ingame events
& Q* w8 P) u3 M+ R5 \0 X# R5 f2 `
( H' ~: F* V& |- _- O
Join and Invite your friends to Join our new server and have fun together with your friends.2 B( R, |: n% g8 q% X

  Q  y* a' v$ I9 o% ]7 B3 z9 JThanks
+ v0 Q" [* m' X/ n- ~5 n# U( wlekoolgames
Author: OsirisXX    Time: 11-17-2015 00:41

What time is it now?
Author: Joshuff    Time: 11-17-2015 01:00

Reply 2# OsirisXX 8 Q4 {: Z8 g1 G3 b" q& i* t% x
1 O% p4 M# u; U0 G" M0 B8 ~! T$ R
03:00 server time when I posted this > 17 hours more to wait plzEuropian time: 12:00 now* w# [* y  _# R/ G( ?! B

& d& A9 F8 C% G$ i" {2 o0 g7 ^" e6 r! ~0 k  [5 A; e; O& [
Author: OsirisXX    Time: 11-17-2015 01:50

Is it true that you will have a far greater chance of recruiting an orange hero when the server is new?
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 11-17-2015 10:07

Reply 4# OsirisXX
0 a  `; P1 Y5 |% ~2 l; L# E/ D4 U6 d; g3 y% [
no , but you do get a orange hero card as part of the leveling up rewards , as well as events you can win red and orange heros in ( posted soon)
Author: OsirisXX    Time: 11-17-2015 16:39

Are there any events in the new server that can help us players win gold?
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 11-17-2015 18:04

Reply 6# OsirisXX
5 i1 s5 `: M/ W% C) p& u3 T( Z5 j: b- P4 r) u1 E6 f8 S   all the launch events can be found here ( and yes promo one has a gold reward)
Author: xianhu    Time: 11-17-2015 18:07

8 u: e. u! x4 J9 _. O1 Nthe server is open now, please use this link to login
8 b' g* f" v7 {8 Mthanks
Author: harmony    Time: 11-17-2015 20:37

keep going disconnected again and again. and now : " No input file specified. "
4 t3 Y3 b! g4 G7 j. T5 P1 E9 X* hboring T.T
Author: harmony    Time: 11-17-2015 20:43

keep going disconnected again and again. and now : " No input file specified. "
/ l5 w: W; t4 q7 _6 oboring T.T
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 11-18-2015 00:32

Reply 10# harmony # K* j# d% Y2 q0 o! \3 \5 f
9 T% Z# k+ O, W; Z. k( U4 K- C
$ t+ o$ q' s, @8 v
   this issue has been reported , what is your in game name  ,and we can check your account

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