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Subject: Closing Events [Print this page]

Author: GM_Chibiii    Time: 12-13-2014 23:10     Subject: Closing Events


We have spent a happy time together since Angels Wrath launched, and we have appreciated every bit of your support. Thank you for the friendship time and effort that you have spent with us and most of all thanks for the friendship.

Lekool team would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our loyal players. We will be hosting related events and activities to enjoy your last days in this game.  We have valued you guys highly and hoping to see your names on our other games.

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Author: sincerely9158    Time: 12-14-2014 19:20

thanks too..
Author: kairoseki    Time: 12-15-2014 04:50

Thanks for almost 2 years of playing Angels Wrath. We will miss Angels Wrath, but most of all i miss all my friends in-game. hope we see each other in some or also this kind of game.

Thank you,
Author: romin2507    Time: 12-22-2014 06:21

why is it shuting down? sorry i was  off for a while
Author: cynthiazq    Time: 12-22-2014 10:04

We feel deeply sorry about the closure of aw, hope you'll love our other games with your good friends.
Author: jayman33691    Time: 12-24-2014 15:16

ill miss all my friends and some of my enemy's and all my frinemeys but ill never invest my time and heart into another lekool game ever again
Author: racheliscool777    Time: 12-28-2014 23:59

Author: Yukiionii    Time: 1-2-2015 21:57

Is there any way I can get the code for this game or buy hosting rights? I adore playing it... and every other version of the game has shut down. Please, allow me to buy it.

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