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Subject: [Notice] Warflow Shutdown Notice [Print this page]

Author: xianhu    Time: 12-4-2014 14:54     Subject: [Notice] Warflow Shutdown Notice

Dear Players,

We bring this sad news to all Warflow Players,  that we will be shutting down Warflow from lekool at end of this month. this has been decided by the game devs and we have no say in this matter.

Lekool team is thankful to the players of Warflow who helped and supported the game. We know that it is hard for everyone involved with Warflow, especially those who spent countless hours and some even real money to buy the virtual items in these games.
We hope that players can try other games on lekool or new games that are going to be launched at the end of this year and in next year.

Warflow  will be shut down on 30th December, 2014 at 22:00 PST time.

For Paying Players -- 100% of amount spent on Angels Wrath from 1st July, 2014 till Closure of game along with 300 Gold/
(except OQ, KOT, WF & DC 2. Please note that a player is considered a paying customer only if the payment amount is above 100$ US combines during the last 5 months)

For non paying players -- 600 Gold on the game of their choice (except OQ, KOT & DC 2)
account is only eligible for compensation if made before 1st Nov and level 30. Inactive, multi, babysit accounts will not be compensated.

Process of Compensation claim:
All players need to post the details before 25th December as a reply to this thread in following format, to claim compensation.

Your Warflow IGN --
Screenshot of your AW IGN, Character level and site url shown in single screenshot --
Game you play now or want compensation on --
IGN on new game --
Paying or non paying --

We appreciate and hope that you can pass this information to other players and your league mates and other players, so they all know.
-- All claim of compensation will be sent before 5th Jan, 2015. the compensation does not include any special packs, VIP, payment packs or qualify for any event packs associated with the game or transfer of any gold players might have in account
-- Gold means ingame currency of the game, ingame currency is different for all games. No gold/items will be transferred to another game, if you have any renaming in your WF account.
-- Compensations will not be sent on any server launched after 15 December 2014. we can entertain some requests on new game that will and might be launched but not on new servers of the game launched after 15th Dec.
-- All accounts are eligible for compensation provided they are made before 1st Nov, 2014, Active and should be minimum level 40. Multi/ babysitting or posting on behalf of friends will not qualify for compensation. Any claim of compensation for unpaid customer which cannot be verified, will not be compensated after 25th December, 2014
-- For Paying players we can verify the compensation claims since we will have payment logs, such players will be able to claim compensation till 15th Jan 2015. for non paying players all posts must be made before 27th Dec, 2014, to avail compensation, any claim after the closure that cannot be verified will not be entertained and no compensation will be sent on any new games.
-- Players who do not attach screenshot showing site link, level & IGN clearly will not be compensated. For some players who spent a lot, we will make special consideration.

lekool team
Author: Turola    Time: 12-4-2014 15:13

Senatry closed, went to Rush War, then to Tamer Saga, then to Warflow. I am cursed.
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-4-2014 15:47

we wont be closing any other games, so you can try the other games we have
Author: rotring    Time: 12-4-2014 17:04

hi, Xian! that is bad news ... plz tell your bosses I will not enter or invest in any other Lekool game for sure. Thx for your continued support and take care.
Red Baron, Server 1
Author: tuananhktxd    Time: 12-4-2014 17:25

Author: lefogdart    Time: 12-5-2014 02:23

Post Last Edit by lefogdart at 12-4-2014 18:32

This is sad news indeed.

Would have been awesome if Dovo could have taken over. I know that they have done this before.
Why is half of the first post referring to Angels Wrath?
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 12-5-2014 09:28

Reply 2# Turola

   Rushwar isnt closed :  
Author: Turola    Time: 12-5-2014 10:04

Your Warflow IGN --Turola
Game you play now or want compensation on --Warf Fow Western Front
IGN on new game --Call of Gods Server 10
Paying or non paying --nonpaying[attach]88497[/attach]

--- Compensation sent, pls check

Author: mania_hay    Time: 12-5-2014 15:11

Dec 30th 2014, my last day with Lekool
Author: rotring    Time: 12-5-2014 16:29

Reply 9# mania_hay

    don't cry
Author: yordadanyo    Time: 12-5-2014 17:58

Yep, don`t cry Wuan, be happy
you are not alone on this way

was great to play here with almost all
Author: uyim    Time: 12-5-2014 19:59

this is really bad news for those who played warflow.. well better choose games where they still make new servers. that means they wont be shutting it down yet. unlike other games that server is stuck with only 1 or 2 servers for a long time.
Author: lefogdart    Time: 12-6-2014 01:42

Reply 1# xianhu

I would like to ask whom I can contact to get a refund to my bank account of the last transaction that was made to lekool?
This transaction was done about 2 weeks ago and I would have never paid 99 dollars if I would have known that the game will shut down a few weeks later on.

Kind regards,
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-6-2014 02:38

Reply 13# lefogdart
sorry but any payments made that long ago cannot not be refunded, we are sorry. you have paid for ingame item and used the gold, since we are closing the game, we are offering compensation for the amount.
Author: chupathingy    Time: 12-6-2014 05:58

won't merge us with dovo or another warflow game? Spend with confidence i guess not!
Author: lefogdart    Time: 12-6-2014 07:42

Post Last Edit by lefogdart at 12-5-2014 23:50

Reply 14# xianhu

2 weeks is considered a long time ago?I think Lekool has been falsely advertising warflow and the players should have received a notice months in advance and not a few weeks before it closes. Funny that you can still buy gold, shows that it's not a serious company.

Yes I have used the gold since it was an investment to get a level 9 gem and I ended up with a level 8 gem from the ranking event . I was during that time under the impression that warflow would not shut down, and that's my point if I would have known two weeks ago that Lekool was planning to shut down warflow, I would have never ever paid real money to get gold in order to get a gem. In other words, the 99 dollars is something that I have not been able to get any real benefit from.

I don't feel for playing your other games.

I would like to talk to someone else, I feel cheated.
Please direct me to the one in charge.
Author: kyubinaruto3    Time: 12-6-2014 08:04

warflow ign: hackattack
game id like compensation sent too: warlord saga. because dc2 not eligable
ign on warlord saga hackattack
non paying
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-6-2014 09:34

Reply 16# lefogdart
we posted the notice on 3rd and closing is on 30th, which give you almost 3 weeks of advance notice, we posted once we were informed about it. as for payment, all games which are closed have the payment closed right from the time when the notice is posted. for some games, we are bound by the devs terms and hence closing the payment in Warflow will take time as we need to sort out some things before we can close.

2 weeks is considered some time, i am sorry, i know how you would feel about it and i do agree that if you had known you might not have spent but we ourself knew about this on 3rd and as soon as we were told, we posted a notice. i also agree that you might not full benefit for the amount spent that is why we are offering the compensation in other games. refund is not possible as the money is also shared with devs of the game and they do not allow refunds in any case unless there is a issue with payment or delivery of good. i am again sorry and i know saying it wont make u feel better but at the moment we can only offer compensation
Author: rotring    Time: 12-6-2014 16:06

Xian why do I not get any answer concerning my bug report? You should serve us till the end of game I assume?
Red Baron, S1
Author: yordadanyo    Time: 12-6-2014 18:14

well, shutdown comes
any arena chances for cursed warriors, by the way ?
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 12-6-2014 22:30

Reply 8# Turola

    welcome to call of God's
Author: 4e9ee05cce8a9    Time: 12-7-2014 04:39

Reply 1# xianhu

    your not the only one
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-8-2014 12:31

we do not have any arena chances this week, sorry.
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-8-2014 12:31

any Compensations will not be sent on any server launched after 15 December 2014. we can entertain some requests on new game that will and might be launched in future but not on new servers of existing current games launched after 15th Dec.
Author: Wolves_Man    Time: 12-10-2014 00:16

Post Last Edit by Wolves_Man at 12-11-2014 09:10

Warflow IGN Wolves  on Sever 3
Warflow SS-
Call of God(Cog) S9
IGN for Cog wolves

--- Compensation sent, pls check

Author: tarototal2    Time: 12-10-2014 04:55

Warflow IGN   Leiru  server 3

Game you play now or want compensation on --
IGN Leiru  s9  call of gods
Author: CiDvonBlaud    Time: 12-11-2014 00:13

i may not be active much here but i like this game. it makes me think.
Author: Fuggles    Time: 12-12-2014 10:54


In game name:[S2]Bubba
New game: Warlord Saga
IGN on new game: Bubba

--- Compensation sent, pls check

Author: Grecian    Time: 12-13-2014 14:21

Your Warflow IGN --
Game you play now or want compensation on -- Rushwar
IGN on new game -- Grecian
non paying

--- Compensation sent, pls check

Author: mikkibarry    Time: 12-15-2014 01:55

IGN [S1]Kritter
New game:  Warlord Saga
IGN New Game:  Squiddly

--- Compensation sent, pls check

Author: superpuppy    Time: 12-15-2014 10:19

IGN: Superpuppynon
Server 3
New Game; Rushwars
IGN superpuppy

--- Compensation sent, pls check

Author: katisso    Time: 12-16-2014 07:40

Post Last Edit by katisso at 12-16-2014 07:54

In game name:[S1]Katisso
New game: Warlord Saga
IGN on new game: Katisso

--- Compensation sent, pls check

Author: BK201    Time: 12-21-2014 23:41

IGN: BK201

Server: Divulgence

New Game: Crystal Saga
IGN: (S2)BK201
Server: Celestial(S2)



--- Compensation sent, pls check

Author: CiDvonBlaud    Time: 12-22-2014 00:59

Your Warflow IGN -- CiDvonBlaud

Screenshot of your AW IGN, Character level and site url shown in single screenshot --


Game you play now or want compensation on -- Warlord Saga
IGN on new game -- CiD
Paying or non paying -- non paying


Author: jag1962    Time: 12-24-2014 21:18

why the hell is Warflow on maint. some of us are staying to the end so get it back up & running
Author: jag1962    Time: 12-24-2014 21:30

I payed enough over the years so I have the right to voice my opinion , I cannot do a screen shot of any of my accounts on seperate servers , so what are u going to do to help me join another game ? Warflow was a great game & a great place to meet & make friends , but I guess the developers just got greedy , so much for calling it a  FREE game  I wish to say goodbye to all my friends I met from around the world . GREED is the demise of all GREAT things   LeKool wise up
Author: rotring    Time: 12-24-2014 22:55

it seems 30 december is 1 week earlier here with warflow???
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-25-2014 03:12

the issue is being checked. we will keep you updated on the issue about the server downtime
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-25-2014 09:39

the servers should be back, please check
thanks for patience
Author: jackbezem    Time: 12-27-2014 16:57

hey xin
i just notice this 1 cuse i didn't log in my acc for 3 month i buy gold in WF can id o the screen shoot or alreday late
Author: romin2507    Time: 12-27-2014 17:54

ist  angel wrath now this why dev shutdowning old games?
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-28-2014 03:06

Reply 40# jackbezem

you can still post a screenshot
Author: jackbezem    Time: 12-28-2014 13:11

ok ty
Author: jackbezem    Time: 12-28-2014 13:24

Warflow IGN : [S1]li da long
Call Of Gods S5
Ign: jacko.s5
Author: jackbezem    Time: 12-28-2014 13:34

Warflow IGN :  [S2]li da long
server Revelation
Call Of Gods S8
Ign: Dalong.s8.m4
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-30-2014 13:31

the game will be closed tomorrow, we request all the players to post for compensation if they want to claim it in any of the lekoolgames. once we cannot verify the claims, we will not be able to compensate the players

Author: xianhu    Time: 12-30-2014 16:04

we are sorry but warflow has been closed now, the devs wont be online on 30th so they have shutdown the game now.
we are sorry.
thanks for your understanding and patience
Author: Grecian    Time: 12-30-2014 17:27

well this is not any good thay post a date and then change it at random so now we cant even say goodbye to our friends
Author: lefogdart    Time: 12-30-2014 18:30

Hi guys,

Thanks for the great times we had together!
*no reference to another site or games*

Author: jackbezem    Time: 12-30-2014 20:19

Post Last Edit by jackbezem at 12-30-2014 20:21

it Was great time
Thanks to u all
li da long
Author: drevil    Time: 12-30-2014 23:38

Post Last Edit by drevil at 12-30-2014 23:50

hi,i spend alot money in warflow ,and now ra server 2 warflow
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-31-2014 03:24

can you tell me when and how much you spent in warflow, i have checked your logs and have not found a single payment made in warflow from 1st Jan 2014 to 28th Dec, 2014
Author: Wolves_Man    Time: 12-31-2014 05:16

Just wondering when Is compensation going to be sent ? since warflow is now shutdown
Author: xianhu    Time: 12-31-2014 06:40

compensation will be sent before 2nd Jan 2015.
Author: Wolves_Man    Time: 12-31-2014 06:52

Thank you
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-2-2015 11:30

Reply 17# kyubinaruto3
whats your IGN in Warlord Saga?
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-2-2015 11:33

Reply 25# Wolves_Man
sorry found no payment logs on warflow by your account, can you specify when you paid and what payment method you used, so we can check again
Author: Wolves_Man    Time: 1-2-2015 12:19

Post Last Edit by Wolves_Man at 1-1-2015 23:31

PayPals, last recharge was on 11/26/2014 on warflow. I am looking for the receipts right now
I have found 2 receipts from Paypals them self, But I have the clear dates of purchases. 10/26, 11/03, 11/24, and 11/28.
This total goal Iv recharged onto S3 of warflow since I think im missing some dates of recharges due to using a creditcard gift card
Author: kyubinaruto3    Time: 1-3-2015 01:44

Reply 56# xianhu

    warlord ign is Hackattack
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-3-2015 02:55

Reply 58# Wolves_Man
we will check it, just needed 1 log or date to cross check.
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-5-2015 16:50

Reply 26# tarototal2
can you specify when you made the payment?
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-5-2015 16:56

Reply 34# CiDvonBlaud
when did you make this account? logs show you made it after the thread was posted.
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-5-2015 16:59

Reply 45# jackbezem
i have not found any payment logs from you in WF in past 9 months. can you tell us the date of your last payment with transaction ID
Author: jackbezem    Time: 1-5-2015 20:24

ok i'll try to check it
Author: jackbezem    Time: 1-5-2015 20:42

hello xian
it'll be hard to be sure weach 1 was for WF
i did alot of payment for lekoolgame COG DC2 and rushwar
but i did report for missing gold in june twice that's the link in fourm hope it'll help if not i'll send u SC for my transaction thru paymentwall for all 2014 for lekool ... page%3D1&page=1 ... page%3D1&page=1
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-6-2015 00:29

Reply 65# jackbezem
i did check all your logs 3 times. to qualify for compensation as paying player, you need to have paid 100$ or above from 1st July to 30th Dec 2014. payments in other games do not count

For Paying Players -- 100% of amount spent on Angels Wrath from 1st July, 2014 till Closure of game along with 300 Gold/
(except OQ, KOT, WF & DC 2. Please note that a player is considered a paying customer only if the payment amount is above 100$ US combines during the last 5 months)
xianhu Post at 12-3-2014 22:54

Author: jackbezem    Time: 1-6-2015 01:19

ok, Thanks
then I'll have a Compensation as non paying player right?
Author: CiDvonBlaud    Time: 1-8-2015 01:22

Reply 62# xianhu

   Lmao. i made it around the time it was first released. i am from S1 (see my name... it was auto-changed when servers merged). i was not very much active because i focused on LoX, second Caesary. and i deliberately held my lvl on 40. then after Lox closed, i focused on my thesis and laid low on online gaming. when i came back to lekool, i played WF again cos i actually like it better than CoG.
Please check your oldest records. or ask chibiii if she remembers me playing this game before. oh and yeah, i found an old post of mine in the WF Bug reports section.

Author: xianhu    Time: 1-9-2015 21:51

Reply 68# CiDvonBlaud

please check your PM
Author: jackbezem    Time: 1-9-2015 22:11

no answer for me?
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-10-2015 00:27

Reply 70# jackbezem
any player who does not qualify for the paying player criteria gets normal compensation. have you not got yours yet?
if so please let us know and we will check it
Author: jackbezem    Time: 1-10-2015 03:23

no, I did not get anything
plz check it
Author: jackbezem    Time: 1-10-2015 13:59

Reply 71# xianhu

no, I did not get anything
plz check it

Author: BK201    Time: 1-11-2015 01:17

Reply 71# xianhu

Hi Xianhu,

I haven't got my compensation yet, can you please check.

Author: xianhu    Time: 1-12-2015 18:42

Reply 74# BK201
your compensation is sent, please check it
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-12-2015 18:54

Reply 73# jackbezem

your compensation has been sent too, please check
Author: jackbezem    Time: 1-12-2015 19:09

Reply 76# xianhu

   the compensation recevid ty.but only for 1 acc right,just asking
I had 2 acc in Wf and I post for both.
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-12-2015 20:16

Reply 77# jackbezem
sorry for any confusion but you get compensation based on username and not the number of accounts in the game or servers
Author: jackbezem    Time: 1-12-2015 20:21

Reply 78# xianhu

   ok,was just wander Thanks alot
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-13-2015 03:07

Reply 79# jackbezem

Author: tarototal2    Time: 1-13-2015 03:09

Reply 61# xianhu

I spent thousands of dollars on this game
obviously not the last time, I can not remember the last payment
you always have a problem. compensate me with whatever you want
This is the sixth game shutting me

please a want my compensation asap
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-13-2015 04:28

Reply 81# tarototal2

i checked your payment logs and i found just 1 payment warflow on 1st Jan of 2014. if you find that our logs dont match your transactions, please provide us with the transaction ID or order number and date, we will check it again and help sort it.

also please note a player is considered paying if he has made payments from 1st July 2014 till 29th Dec 2014.
also please check your PM
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-15-2015 21:10

Reply 81# tarototal2
your compensation was sent already
Author: Kiwanaka    Time: 2-15-2015 05:29

Miss you all!!!

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