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Subject: [Attention] Account Safety Notice [Print this page]

Author: xianhu    Time: 3-7-2014 23:47     Subject: [Attention] Account Safety Notice

Dear Players,
9 T3 d: L3 [; w  L% ~) E5 E
1 y& N8 \# ^9 G1 T6 O2 ewe have got some complains about some players asking other players about account information or giving them links to illegal/malicious links to get some rewards or hack tools to get items or ingame currency.
; E! X( W$ v5 h0 U5 d9 t' I
; C4 v  v  D+ o0 lWe Strongly recommend that "PLEASE DO NOT CLICK, DOWNLOAD OR JOIN" any links or sites or tools which make such claims its a fraud site. Please pay attention to following information  t4 U) L# d1 r* {1 r' b" ~$ B0 Z% V
1.When entering your Lekool Games account information, ALWAYS make sure you are at or, phishers often make fake websites that look very similar to the original. don't be fooled by fake websites like http ://lekool-crystalsagaevent. lekool. com/
( x  G: ]7 ]) c
1 t& M- Z/ d+ J7 K2. Lekool staff or helpers does not ask any player for account information, so any one asks you for account detail, please do not give them such details and report such players or people to a official staff via forum PM, forum post,  or by mailing the lekool official email 1 r% _$ T, k! Q) I( K& c# V

- ~, t+ i# o9 l; ?3. Please do not click any links given to you by anyone unless you are aware of risks involved. if you click any malicious link it is at your own risk and it can cause you to lose account/ data on your system or you can be a victim of identity theft or lose your personal details.  
! B9 T. ^# k$ B0 o7 m; T5 c! ~( H% K. g5 T& Z- i
4. there have been some reports of players giving other players links of sites and software tools that give you ability to get items or will give you free items. please do not trust such claims, they are false and just a way by which hackers or abusers get hold of your system or account. only trust giveaway from a trusted site and Always Remember that no site which does legal giveaway asks you for your lekool account/lekool username/lekool password.
; K& s0 r+ \& C2 d# x, bsoftware tools or hack tools work on games which have core files on your system and by modifying them, such tools or hacks do not work on online games which have files or data and game on secured servers. never trust such tools or site. clicking or downloading such files will cause harm to your system, can even create a backdoor to your system where hackers can access your details, personal files.
3 G0 D* g* w- `8 y0 [( F, V; N  `- j0 J* a4 w' _9 ^
5. NEVER share your account details with any other player, we have had numerous issues where players have trusted their accounts to be sit by other players and they have abused the account. please remember its your hard work and time (for paying players, its also real money). sharing account is illegal without explicit approval of the site administrators beforehand2 Y1 i  h( {/ V' |% f

/ \* s9 t! i# `! p( I3 V2 E- Q
( P4 X6 h* t' d( y+ X1 q) }If you have ever clicked any unwanted site or tool, get a good antivirus scanner and scan the system, change your password and if you have details like banking information stored, change them and call your bank immediately. , @! D  ]9 s: q0 r
always use a good antivirus/malware tool on your system. always run periodic full system scan to be safe.- @2 k& G3 f& {$ z9 E" E4 y
If you have shared your account with anyone, change your email and password immediately. if you need any help with this always mail
* l# h/ D3 E  f+ V; F
+ Y% P" V% }6 T* D7 w4 C7 xPlease be warned, account safety is the concern of account owner, if you click malicious sites or give account details to others or try using hack tools, remember Lekool Games is not responsible for any loss or damages. if a shared account is used for illegal activity, the account will be banned, so remember it is your loss not the persons who used it. We strongly recommend and request that players dont share private details like name, phone or address with any other player, if you share private details like your name, email id, phone, social network id, you do so at your own risk and lekool will not be responsible for any repercussions arising out of such action.
6 R) P  |7 o1 B  _' C
( F% m/ ?3 M( k8 r+ q( J! K4 a2 Q! q' ?
2 a7 w# i- y$ N: n. h
$ a; T0 M) q6 D, \! F; n  Tlekool team
Author: PenguinQueen    Time: 3-8-2014 12:55

Well said. Also, it would be a great help if any players trying to get you to go to sites like this be reported immediately to either a GM or GH so appropriate action can be taken against said player.
Author: cynthiazq    Time: 3-8-2014 14:33

Thanks a lot, dear xian.
Author: phonix    Time: 3-8-2014 21:50

Thanks for the information , xian
Author: Vampalia    Time: 3-9-2014 08:17

I'll keep an eye out.
Author: Quanlucky    Time: 3-9-2014 10:15

Reply 2# PenguinQueen   Q4 K( e# z( O2 L9 [( h4 S* Q& V% U
& k4 [) k: K  X6 f& w% @% q1 {

3 L" U8 j$ v/ G( D: U   A few GH have already reported this as we tried to warn other not to do it. So I encourage you all to warn your friends, guilds, everyone you don't know to avoid these problems.
Author: PenguinQueen    Time: 3-9-2014 10:29

Reply 6# Quanlucky 4 u% u; G/ \3 t7 R1 a
2 Q5 f$ X) \6 ~8 ^8 U

# p9 l' ~+ n- t2 A) _3 G) L3 Q    ya ive been doing what i can to raise awareness of the matter with cs players so hopefully no more fall to it. lets just hope the matter can get taken care of before it gets any worse
Author: fierywarlord    Time: 3-18-2014 08:00

i have a slightly unrelated idea: all recruited heroes in senatry being able to be trained without "vip" thing. it puts unfair pressure on those who play it without planning on spending $$$. i think it should also eliminate the idea of exploits, making it cost silver instead. silver is replaceable moreso than exploits.
Author: 51286d7f66437    Time: 3-24-2014 23:31

i can't open my account
0 i" H' C9 ]  T$ G) m) K: X/ zOQ-server 1
9 `" ^& k* P6 [+ `5 v& A' gname:Salve
Author: GM_Chibiii    Time: 3-25-2014 01:13

Reply 9# 51286d7f66437
7 R7 y1 F! Z! |. W( t# o
' `/ c$ A8 y- G  [2 o  w" a1 i' e5 F6 W: E2 z1 G% S
    Hi, what is the error message you've got? Have you also try clearing cache or using direct link?
Author: fatalerror    Time: 4-25-2014 23:55

Hi Admin,
, g' L9 l2 L* N$ u# M3 p7 R; t# l0 U* k2 y
Good day..
, S  |/ ^: b& ?- G" z1 ]! |/ yI have problem issue about my account..; T6 S4 e- ^' u4 b4 K- S* G
I am using GMAIL login for this account, r4 P; K4 S3 \" q* a2 k2 O
IGN: FataLErroR
- ~# @  Q- I* x4 A5 t1 w' X: k1 QGame I play: TamerSaga/ s& s( Q* t6 j! F/ M; [
Server: (3) Wonderland# i, U7 O9 R# f1 f4 I8 U' P. A& [
and I want to change my email address because this email address was
8 S% l5 W3 S: n. H3 v7 ]8 Omy cousin email./ y) ?6 V  J/ e+ v
But after I login, I use the Update Account on
4 u& r' ?. e. ]  M( }6 e* KI click Update Email.
/ g5 b7 p- F9 V% A' cput OLD EMAIL and put the New Email as required." T. u; c7 {* @
then password is required too .  O) H8 ?, f( b+ W7 m# A/ j
But it always says that my password is incorrect.
1 J, ]5 V5 p  |7 n; _$ {/ AI can login with my password but I can't change email.
5 @- b" H. ?! O8 D6 n. g  d8 K7 f2 S$ Y
Looking forward for your fast and reliable response.2 n; P+ t$ ?6 c* {# @
Thank you in advance./ R% D! R8 L( H. d" F. N) C' ]
4 H1 ]- V% P, R- y8 J
  E0 ~) m) q; H% {7 P  m+ n9 TFataLErroR
Author: Quanlucky    Time: 4-26-2014 09:52

Hi, try email to they will get to you as soon as possible and see if you can request email changes. Thank
Author: Elastikman    Time: 4-27-2014 04:36

I'm not worried about account being taken over because I don't share my password.  But my mails just got cleaned out and I have rewards in those emails that I haven't taken.  Why was my mail cleaned out?  Potion / 2 mil experience / gold / clovers / etc...  That's not good business practice to delete things that have contains.
Author: Quanlucky    Time: 4-27-2014 05:37

Hi the mail have auto delete set time so it better to clean your mail before the period time before it auto delete on it own.
Author: Elastikman    Time: 4-27-2014 08:04

I agree but it should not delete everything in the mailbox in one time.   It should only delete the oldest email over the limit number of emails.  Right now I lost quiet a bit of stuff due to this rule.  2 Mil experience, debris, gems, potions and among other things.  I been saving it for strategic purposes which the game mostly / partly about.  Strategic upgrades of Heroes and pals to get advantage on Championships and other in-game events.
Author: GM_Chibiii    Time: 4-28-2014 15:13

Reply 15# Elastikman / {( w. o% ]8 C8 L# j
. S' `* E$ ~& Y+ k
, O1 C. U2 k' ?0 V' ?
    Hi dear what game is it? Your IGN and server? Most of the games that has mail feature has time limit in mails that is why it is better to claim them on time.  We are aware that some of the players were using mail system as storage, We usually dont compensate this kind of issue.
Author: chris50lantagne    Time: 5-1-2014 01:37

Can we have merge with r2games crystal saga?
Author: GM_Chibiii    Time: 5-1-2014 01:39

Reply 17# chris50lantagne $ [  [0 L1 L% Q) ^
# z1 q3 u! ?* G* @0 M2 K
( O" o, c+ \- x7 g- m# `) @
    i am sorry but it is not possible
Author: Yvanka    Time: 5-30-2014 21:54

this game is really awesome nd cute
Author: 5306570cbfd96    Time: 6-1-2014 19:12

sorry i must too aks is it allowed to create 2 or more account on 1 server and also sell that acounts for 1000 vc?
Author: xianhu    Time: 6-1-2014 19:56

4 P, d; {7 Z% w4 Dthanks for reporting, we will check it and deal with it
Author: 5306570cbfd96    Time: 6-1-2014 22:49

no problem thank you i just dont like when something is not fair and when rules not follow.i just help when something not oki.
Author: siposotti    Time: 6-9-2014 22:53

i want to report reclama others sites on your games server 3
Author: Endai    Time: 6-10-2014 14:04

Reply 23# siposotti
, h6 ]+ G0 C8 A  ^" t1 C! Z# P9 ~1 w' m, k4 G& F/ i* A( x
Hi hunter, 8 u5 W) C/ Q0 f
he was already warned about it,   z+ S1 Z# Z' M5 _0 e
Author: DarkElfofVulcan    Time: 11-2-2014 05:58

[attach]87693[/attach]' V) h8 }5 C, J& V! \
Wasn't sure where to put this, but this happened. Hope this thread works. Thanks.
Author: Quanlucky    Time: 11-2-2014 06:28

hi this will be reported to gm asap thank for reporting
Author: keegan12    Time: 5-25-2015 22:21

Author: 54b580057b31    Time: 6-1-2015 01:46

is closing server6 on dragon call 2?
Author: 54b580057b31    Time: 6-1-2015 04:55

Reply 28# 54b580057b31 + e* V- R3 r: `+ z) o
because i cant get to the server . i have 8 hours and i still try.....but nothing...
Author: Endai    Time: 6-1-2015 08:08

Reply 29# 54b580057b31 ; `& n7 v% Q! E2 G+ n$ X( S
$ H9 |" R7 F) `2 O# S% ?3 w9 G/ U
Dear Player,
: i/ x( m9 A3 w! m$ aI apologize for the issue, its been reported. There should be 5 hours left before all the servers are closed DC 2 all servers will be shut down on 31st May 2015 at 22:00 PST time.
+ m' q  [' l; f! F& Q' L+ TDC2 shutdown notice: ... p;extra=&page=1
Author: BloodRaven66    Time: 6-2-2015 13:06

I would like to know if someone can help me plases
Author: Endai    Time: 6-2-2015 17:07

Reply 31# BloodRaven66 ) z3 w3 x2 B$ J3 k1 e. H
6 K7 U) C* l7 P' o! g8 H, m
Dear Player, we will try our best to help./ r& ]3 D) _" k; \/ D- ^
What is it?
Author: BloodRaven66    Time: 6-2-2015 17:45

i was reading this and i though i'll let you all know that  have 2 more acc's on here but i cant get into them and i was wondering if you could plases remove them
5 `( }& o+ F: ]& E+ m+ y# E6 gthankyou
Author: Endai    Time: 6-2-2015 19:17

Reply 33# BloodRaven66
* B3 @2 @  s9 C$ ]) S% I5 V9 a" V! b0 O, m+ G) }! {& B
I see, thank you for letting us know. We will handle the rest and remove the account, except this one that you are using right now.
Author: BloodRaven66    Time: 6-2-2015 20:25

Reply 34# Endai
* ?1 i- P1 C; E6 Vthank you
Author: AdarshS    Time: 6-25-2015 14:23

I don't know were ells to post so I cant verify my Email
1 E5 d' I* R. vi use my google account to log in bt i cant Verify it   
Author: Endai    Time: 6-26-2015 14:19

Reply 36# AdarshS + d; l1 i- L  Y
9 g& C. }6 m9 I6 S* H7 O
Dear Player,4 U$ V2 m) ~6 I7 K* j
sorry for the inconvenience, the email verification is disabled for the meantime for fixing.$ U3 ]- R6 z' L( [5 N
we have allowed a lot of functions in the site without the need to validate your email address.
# z9 j' G" k2 f  K" ~0 iFor lost password, please contact us directly through
Author: salloh558    Time: 1-22-2017 19:09

need give note for belial666
Author: salloh558    Time: 1-22-2017 19:18

[attach]94059[/attach][attach]94058[/attach][attach]94056[/attach]. k* A- V0 V* q
8 d+ {, L4 a2 \7 X! n$ z
    this message of belial how he best lied to me
  D8 f" i/ A# i if can give him note or block him or do code to dont toch anyone still few lvl
Author: CommandoX    Time: 1-22-2017 19:36

Intercept is part of game, i told i wont AFK kill you. anyway PK is part of game. you bringing religion topic on wc, and provoking others who PK you that is not part of game, gl with this
Author: CB2456    Time: 1-23-2017 04:49

Reply 40# CommandoX
3 ^" ?, y1 G0 t; D  r9 R! z1 t: t' h+ S6 e

+ Y& z# t6 ~$ x& n    your comment is hurting my brain cells lmao, "religion topic" tf...?
Author: CommandoX    Time: 1-23-2017 07:49

Reply 41# CB2456 8 ~3 L- @3 d1 G3 U, _4 i# d

4 o  J- ^% a" I3 D; E5 i; s# d5 f( o% U9 M0 ]
   watch your language. No one asked for your opinion.
Author: MaMoHT    Time: 2-11-2017 21:21

tell me what to do and whether it is possible to overeat on a character with Gamboksa Lekol IRAL on GameBox moved to Lekool Aries server
Author: MaMoHT    Time: 2-11-2017 21:23

tell me what to do and whether it is possible to overeat on a character with Gamboksa Lekol IRAL on GameBox moved to Lekool Aries server
Author: dadber    Time: 2-12-2017 06:57

0 t' {& I$ U: @accounts cannot be transferred to lekool from gamebox, sorry
Author: BjUOevTO0b    Time: 3-14-2017 14:17

Tips: The Author has been banned or delete.
Author: BjUOevTO0b    Time: 3-14-2017 19:54

Tips: The Author has been banned or delete.
Author: BjUOevTO0b    Time: 3-17-2017 02:44

Tips: The Author has been banned or delete.
Author: xianhu    Time: 3-17-2017 03:37

Reply 48# BjUOevTO0b , e" b6 B0 h( A8 W( r
0 }7 j% s5 J) S+ Wcheck your PM
$ ?1 e" Y0 ]+ {% I5 {  [/ Dthanks
Author: BjUOevTO0b    Time: 3-18-2017 09:16

Tips: The Author has been banned or delete.
Author: Dakata    Time: 3-18-2017 18:52

Respected by the administrators I have arisen is not the first problem with the water on the character in the game odinquest you can specify why I can not go to him again. Came to play with GameBox game on the server s5 Frigg my nickname Crofton
Author: Dakata    Time: 3-18-2017 18:58

Respected by the administrators I have arisen is not the first problem with the water on the character in the game odinquest you can specify why I can not go to him again. Came to play with GameBox game on the server s5 Frigg my nickname Crofton
Author: 4f6cef020db9a    Time: 7-7-2018 04:38

I play this Devine Storm on my laptop and it won't load up
Author: Abrahel    Time: 7-11-2018 16:57

Tips: The Author has been banned or delete.
Author: ivan93kolev    Time: 7-11-2018 17:09

Tips: The Author has been banned or delete.
Author: bakucz_robert    Time: 7-30-2018 22:44

Tips: The Author has been banned or delete.

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