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Subject: [Guide] Pet System [Print this page]

Author: xianhu    Time: 1-6-2013 19:12     Subject: [Guide] Pet System

1.1 Pet Introduction
        Pet is one of equips of character, it is also a very important aspect of fighting capacity. And also pet with good appearance looks very cool. It’s a loyal friend of player, and can add a lot of fun in the game.

        It’ll show the pet’s image in the Pet Attribute Panel, which concludes 4 tabs: Pet Attribute, Pet Improve, Pet Star Upgrade and Pet Talent. Pet Slot can only be put 5 pets.

1.2 Pet Upgrade
        The level cap of pet is Lv105. Pet’s level won’t exceed 5 levels than that of character. There are 3 ways to upgrade pet:
        1)    Both character and pet get Exp when AFK with pet.
        2)    Feed pet with Pet Exp Potion.
        3)    Finish all kinds of quests.
        All the attributes will be improved after the pet’s level is upgraded.
        1.3 Pet Improve
        Click Express Purchase to buy Secret Pattern, click button to Improve, which costs a certain amount of Gold.
        1)    Pet whose main attribute is Attack, and with 5 skills is Super Pet.
        2)    The Growth Rate of main attribute and sub attribute are higher than others.
        3)    The amount of pet skill ranges from 1~5 randomly.
        4)    The skills also change randomly.
        5)    The type of pet ranges randomly among the 6 basic types.

1.4 Pet Attribute Improve
        Improve all kinds of pet attributes through raise attribute function. The improvement of pet attributes requires Generic Pearl. Click Express Purchase to buy Generic Pearl. Click the button [Increase] to raise the attribute s with Generic Pearls.
        1)    The 6 basic attributes can be increased. The Increase has success rate.
        2)    Each level of pet has a increase times cap. The higher the level, the higher the cap.
        3)    The Increase affects the pet’s star, and the pet’s star affects pet’s Crit Rate and Crit Damage.

1.5 Pet Talent Refresh
        It can improve the basic talents through Talent Refresh. Talent Refresh requires Talent Stone. Click Express Purchase to buy Junior Talent Stone. Click button [Refresh] to change the basic attributes, and then click [Replace] to confirm the refresh.
        1)    The 6 basic attributes will be refreshed among a certain region. The probability may be +1%, +2% or -1%.
        2)    The value of attributes won’t change instantly. It comes into effect after clicking [Replace].
        3)    The color of basic talent changes with the increase of value: 0%~10% white, 11%~30% green, 31%~60% blue, 61%~90% purple, 91%~100% orange.
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today is 4 day, in 3d day task up pet for 3 stars, how to do it easy?

have 1star pet only.
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thats not good
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nice guide
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thank you
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