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Subject: Play Lekool Games from Mobile Devices [Print this page]

Author: lekool    Time: 1-20-2012 07:13     Subject: Play Lekool Games from Mobile Devices

Do you want to continue to upgrade your games while you are on the go? Do you want to join your guild mates for the alliance war while you are not in front of your computer? Lekool Game is recommending Splashtop to everyone who want to play lekoolgames on ipad, iphone, Kindle, Android and many other mobile devices.
( P6 q2 x( v) o1 C: r2 E/ S: @- A! F$ s5 h  |
Lekool Inc. is a fast growing browser game and social game developer and publisher. The company has published over 10  popular web games of 2011 and launching more wonderful games in 2012, Call Of Gods, Ninjawaz, Rich$tate, Senatry, Dragon’s Call, Business Tycoon, Fantasy of Swords, Lord of Ages, Warflow, and Legends of Xian and has won the award as the “Company with  Most Potentail” at the 2nd Browser Games Summit held in China as well as “Most Popular Game Companies” by Lekool is Planning to launch 3-4 new 2.5D to 3D games in the first quarter of 2012.
- P+ z) B% z9 E& L, m
# p" r: @  \' B* [' y$ ]( r6 N0 w0 {4 P; ^8 E5 G9 R
. y5 h: i6 B3 O4 Z; n8 a: n* `$ N/ x
Splashtop Inc. is a privately held software company based in San Jose, CA offering a family of Splashtop products that improve the computing experience across a range of devices for people around the world. The developers of “Splashtop Remote Technology” Splashtop Remote allows a user to remotely connect to a main computer from another computer or mobile device to access content or run applications.
) c7 J4 X& t6 d8 E4 Q" Q# a3 ^  Z( p, [; X7 c2 Z
Both lekool and splashtop now bring to you a great app which allows you to stay connected with your favorite lekool game on the move by making it playable on your iOS Device like IPad, IPhone and other Mobile devices. Download the app and Play on the move. 8 u8 d9 I% i' ], U6 t& g  o
- T$ c7 V% u' A, v: S0 O+ U! `0 O) x) O
; s8 ?! K, p) `+ U
2 B; L( u) p+ G3 S8 I0 P
Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad which connects to your Mac or Windows computer on your iPad from anywhere. The app runs in the background and provides secure access to the system from any mobile app in the Splashtop line. This currently includes iOS, Android, and webOS. With Splashtop Remote Desktop, you can fully access and control your computer in any way imaginable. The great ability of splashtop desktop remote is that it also lets you  stream audio and video remotely to the tablet.# s, e7 [1 q" {7 x1 Q
# A0 E: z- ~* L•          iTunes:  "Top 20 Best Selling iPad App in 2011"
; x9 Q- D* o& w' D1 T•         Top 3 best selling app on Kindle Fire;  325k+ downloads on a single day (1/6/2012)!!8 n+ C6 ^3 V: D0 u2 a
•         "Best webOS Tablet app of 2011"
7 W. |) \7 D! B+ G0 k•         #1 iPhone paid app in China, France, & Finland; #3 iPhone paid app in Japan
, L  u  D  p4 s. |* v% j•          Android Market "Top New Paid App"
8 f5 _2 }4 L$ A( w8 G7 @( c& o. M•         #1 MAC business paid app in 45+ countries

5 }. a: a/ b* E4 ?3 ] * ]% ~) J& Y- x- e4 i
Download the Splashtop remote Desktop here
Author: GM_zxdx2002    Time: 1-20-2012 11:25

Author: xianhu    Time: 1-20-2012 11:44

Reply 1# lekool
" u: O/ \0 m) l[attach]15170[/attach]
Author: MoonSun    Time: 1-20-2012 11:46

Perfectooooo !!!!
Author: menski214    Time: 1-20-2012 15:56

wow nice
Author: LeSpirit    Time: 1-20-2012 19:45

nice, sadly I don't have any of those named ones
Author: GM_chibiii    Time: 1-20-2012 20:24

nice lemme try those...
Author: spoiler79    Time: 1-21-2012 05:18

Author: mineian    Time: 1-21-2012 06:37

ehhh both of my computers say this is "harmful for the computer" lol...maybe wen i get another laptop ill try it
Author: baw_white    Time: 1-21-2012 09:05

  1. [code][code][code]
Copy Code
Author: NiTRo    Time: 1-21-2012 10:40

does senatry work on nokia mobiles like 5630 xpess music
Author: 14751665604ee3    Time: 1-22-2012 04:56

Does it work on Android?
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-22-2012 07:53

Reply 12# 14751665604ee3 & g. z2 n9 e2 w6 V
Hi% h. s% y) Y6 X. a) P6 O0 N" @
the app supports andriod platforms
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-22-2012 07:55

Reply 11# NiTRo
2 y' Q& ]- o! [7 b7 O4 E3 `$ p, eHi% P- v! L. U; R9 B$ u
Nokia 5630 supports Symbian OS, you can check splashtop website for support
Author: GM_chibiii    Time: 1-22-2012 11:40

i tried and it says my memory is full lol.. i guess its time for me to delete crappy files in my phone
Author: 14751665604ee3    Time: 1-22-2012 23:28

So... can I download it tru android market???  P9 Y& k$ r$ L: z- y
I have xperia x8
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-23-2012 11:07

Reply 16# 14751665604ee3 : h" L. [& p3 M. {
Hi3 }. t; h" d7 n  g4 L8 G
you can fine the FAQ here http://support-remote.splashtop. ... q-a-android-devices
! {, U( u9 S2 I. o, e1 ?& l+ S3 Gand download app from
Author: 4e8603ec2eeec    Time: 1-24-2012 05:53

Author: CiDvonBlaud    Time: 1-24-2012 16:29

android os supports flash already so you can play lekool games directly if your phone/tablet can handle the games here in lekool.
Author: Licia.    Time: 1-28-2012 02:28

It doesn't help me because my pc is death , but soon i'll get my new pc .
Author: xianhu    Time: 1-28-2012 23:12

good luck on getting new PC soon
Author: Louisa    Time: 1-30-2012 03:05

Well, that's cool
Author: natsuto    Time: 1-31-2012 14:43

I don't have any of those named ones
Author: 4eb5a89e84c4f    Time: 2-13-2012 14:46

pfft dont work on blackberry curve
Author: kamikaz3    Time: 2-13-2012 15:11

Reply 10# baw_white
' w, Q+ b1 C: C8 B: z% A) t
) y& R: U. `& e8 Z3 U$ F6 G1 L% ?! v: k4 @( d* q
    why NinjaWaz Cant Play ...Way
Author: kamikaz3    Time: 2-13-2012 15:12

Author: xianhu    Time: 2-13-2012 21:55

Reply 24# 4eb5a89e84c4f 1 \- j0 D( L$ X5 ~  ?" v
Hi. v  N( l( o9 ~, A* b# @; m6 v
i dont think the blackberry device is supported unless it as teh iOS operating system or the android OS
Author: Louisa    Time: 2-14-2012 19:19

Yay it's working fine with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc well done guys
Author: xianhu    Time: 2-15-2012 02:46

Author: chloe-symone    Time: 2-15-2012 11:48

I have a sony xperia mini >< how do I get the app??????
Author: xianhu    Time: 2-15-2012 17:26

+ B. F* E& I" T0 v  p$ {the Xperia Mini 10 uses a android OS, to download the app for it just follow this link below and download and install the app
5 s* d7 E9 [: n& C p5 B0 ~; y% k1 S9 J8 E9 D5 V8 z
if you need help with the OS, then follow- Z4 k% m8 f& N  E4 Z
http://support-remote.splashtop. ... q-a-android-devices
* ?' y  j' S' ~" {2 b8 M& [% ]" t/ v3 Q" ^- i
hope that helps
1 T* n9 g& _8 @2 b  r# Qthanks
Author: rekoi    Time: 2-24-2012 01:13

Author: MoonSun    Time: 2-24-2012 05:23

Reply 32# rekoi
) c/ E9 N. F0 O, U4 d% G" K" r; O& T9 T2 [( g

, h3 Y0 M5 C5 r# e   Hi dear, Please check your PM, hope that helps, and welcome here
Author: GM_Chibiii    Time: 2-28-2012 17:38

Reply 34# lilin0402 * G; t4 A0 x1 a' ]6 {/ G
" i, D" O2 Y6 `3 Y3 ?6 Q, `
" b! @# Q6 G5 n/ t$ \1 d
    please dont advertise
Author: richelste    Time: 2-28-2012 22:43

I rather play on PC if im honest, it's just a bit too fiddly when using a phone + it's quite a strain on the eyes if you play for long...
Author: danicafontanos    Time: 3-9-2012 19:36

hi 2 all:hand shake
Author: kelson17109574    Time: 3-11-2012 11:30

Author: sdaugherty423    Time: 4-11-2012 00:51

You don't need an app to play browser games I have been playing loa now for about a week solely on an HTC thunderbolt and a couple years ago I played caesary on acouple different smartphones
Author: junpyo_lim    Time: 4-12-2012 11:21

cqwe asd qpwvwqe ?
4 p7 `8 u* R5 V+ R/ d3 y<3
Author: junpyo_lim    Time: 4-12-2012 11:22

so qo >3
& [  m) [' X0 q4 H1 |  R  f
$ N+ E" t# V9 _' q+ F
! d3 L8 R  ~9 P" v/ t; o. H  Bso qo >3+ A! X( m* i0 m* \2 U
% a1 W" t0 [% V9 J' \

Author: pploloda    Time: 5-12-2012 14:59

Post Last Edit by MoonSun at 5-12-2012 21:30 4 s% y- T- T. }1 c$ r# u

7 _5 s- [: S2 D" ~8 ~The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do.
, c4 L* G3 ^& `0 F( q: H9 e- F) ~. N0 ?- J" l3 @
) g* B% G2 p4 h+ n' x

* ]  W! i0 q0 }$ ]/ o) h1 [7 }[EDIT] Please do not advertise non lekool stuff. Thanks
Author: Undien    Time: 5-30-2012 23:16

[attach]24344[/attach]) M' A) K9 p; D
IGN:Undien, j# i2 M- f7 t3 ]9 W/ K4 r; h" x
Server 3 : Brutus
Author: Chaquan    Time: 6-6-2012 13:34

This one really nice!
Author: Galan    Time: 6-6-2012 16:41

Author: Motumoyo    Time: 6-14-2012 10:16

Perhaps when I get another laptop, I'll try
Author: mysterylokie    Time: 6-14-2012 15:41 mobile is uncapped..
Author: 4fda3aafa959    Time: 6-15-2012 03:33

Author: mysterylokie    Time: 6-15-2012 15:06

hahaha..what is the good thing on that?...^_^
Author: abrasu1qquuu7    Time: 6-17-2012 06:18

very nice
Author: kamaluddin    Time: 6-19-2012 14:09

I cant play from my Windows Phone !! Can anybody suggest?
/ q& r5 }+ E  j# Y# J) A- @IGN: KamalUddin
Author: mysterylokie    Time: 6-19-2012 17:43

you know i can't..
Author: jayrcagong    Time: 6-19-2012 19:48

im handsome.. im cute.. anybody cares?
Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 6-20-2012 06:22

Author: mystarter9_5    Time: 6-20-2012 06:51

Reply 53# ElmerFudd 7 h4 K& f1 R/ J0 N  V) k

6 F6 J* U4 |/ V) Y1 {# _3 v" m1 A- B# n& h
   awesome pic lol
Author: _Nami    Time: 6-20-2012 06:51

Reply 53# ElmerFudd ) ]$ _1 V5 t( Y% T

' H% }+ I' r' j8 a) ?+ A: j& _; s( N$ Y  C$ l' K
   Fuddly!  Where have you been all my life?!
Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 6-20-2012 08:34

Reply 55# GM_Nami
, J) {! p' F0 r2 [9 q. S( d- G+ o( O* E: N; j( u. X
Hello gorgeous, umm for atleast 10 yrs of your life i was inside my daddy. Then for 9 months inside my mommy, and then for the other 20 yrs I've been in San Diego ^_^: s& ^" i8 z/ j! G0 X+ Q2 L) U

* b2 x- b+ c7 A$ Z9 X  PHolla at ya boy doh
Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 6-20-2012 08:42

Author: _Nami    Time: 6-20-2012 09:29

Reply 57# ElmerFudd , D* [5 Q2 B  Y" C4 k  q
3 S1 a6 K8 r4 @
# u/ e' m$ g4 G
Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 6-20-2012 09:46

MURDERER!!!!!5 V5 e7 f: V2 u. I8 f

. w1 h& A8 D) k* K, a$ ^Stay away from me!!!!
Author: lekool    Time: 6-20-2012 11:31

LOL, Fudd! You never forgot about hitting on girls, whatever you do and wherever you go. $ h4 U8 u# D! X. f! B

6 x# h3 x' n9 f$ w1 @- XNice pic though! Good to see you here. Are you back for some cog or Crystal Saga?
Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 6-20-2012 12:34

Reply 60# lekool & x3 i" L' U% d' F- d6 `

% D& c3 _: C6 z# e  C; e" DI suck at CoG
5 L5 W6 n; s/ L) c/ X' Qand idk what crystal saga is, but sure we can go with that. I just missed you all you at Lekool ♥
Author: mysterylokie    Time: 6-20-2012 17:13

Author: _Nami    Time: 6-20-2012 19:10

Reply 61# ElmerFudd 6 c. [2 N0 G5 \
( Y4 m8 n; f& ~# g: z; a. g

4 c3 k- e1 _% n% u   You did not suck!  You did really well.  I heard a new server is opening soon.  >.>  You should TRY AGAIN to make the Nams happy!
Author: (S)S3hi    Time: 6-20-2012 21:05

Reply 61# ElmerFudd
& \  Y1 o/ d4 w/ c* y9 t# n2 A$ d$ d$ e
( F* U  o1 W/ W! W& {) ]
   Dude Tip Be Like Thomas Alva Edison Never Give UpWas Like That When I Played CS first but Now Getting Hang Of It
Author: (S)S3hi    Time: 6-20-2012 21:31

Reply 63# GM_Nami
; o5 d: g6 A2 m- d/ B1 {* I' y
/ ]' E1 @+ \) M0 h  o
# O  ^# H7 D( s7 D# L0 U) B   [attach]25655[/attach]
Author: mysterylokie    Time: 6-20-2012 21:32 never dont ever quit dude..
Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 6-21-2012 01:59

Reply 63# GM_Nami & @9 Y6 o' y. n; G2 y( I$ @+ \3 E
Maybe..only if you're an elf with me
Author: GM_Chibiii    Time: 6-21-2012 02:02

lol fudd
Author: _Nami    Time: 6-21-2012 08:07

Reply 67# ElmerFudd
' w; G7 W, M9 |6 y; L% g4 n
1 G! {8 W% r5 O" x" N: L4 I: M
# k3 m9 a5 |8 I3 X9 B1 \   I'll be an elf if you come play!
Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 6-21-2012 13:23

Reply 69# GM_Nami # M; ~8 l, l2 w" Q! k) c" Z8 T
I'll play with you nana ♥/ F2 f7 s' z" }2 F

- L+ |) A+ I1 \/ {, Ubtw, i bought that ap and it only worked when i was home, not when i tried it at work >.>, ]6 |3 x+ H" Q. Q
overall though pretty sick ap, now i can mess with my gf when she's on my laptop
Author: lekool    Time: 6-21-2012 13:50

Reply 70# ElmerFudd
: O' W( D$ x9 R& O9 Z
2 u! q8 y1 e9 I' G7 v5 e. J3 ?! c$ \; b; i) J
    For the 1st time, you officially admit you got a gf?   You should start changing your signature before she sees it. lol
Author: mysterylokie    Time: 6-21-2012 15:00

Author: GM_Chibiii    Time: 6-21-2012 15:40

she's proud with her GF lol
Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 6-21-2012 22:51

Reply 71# lekool
1 E( E9 w' K9 S6 m, o
$ F$ b* J) ?8 ^) R+ @% {/ H; f9 }+ t9 ~I don't know how yo change it * u# x; b4 _  i: Y+ W
and.. Why are you Trolling jane? SMH 1st Nami's daughter trolls me and now you? what has this world come to
Author: Lucifer_Ludwig    Time: 6-21-2012 23:19

that is legendary!! in epic porportions!!!
Author: 4fb7c07bb43be    Time: 6-23-2012 05:18

senatry does not run on my mob is any body play from mob????
Author: xianhu    Time: 6-23-2012 14:31

Reply 76# 4fb7c07bb43be
- Z/ @0 x3 X- g: ~3 n9 ]5 Z7 B: QHello,
' X+ S4 Q" c0 k. \) p$ W1 X6 udoes your cell support flash?
Author: xianhu    Time: 6-23-2012 14:38

Reply 74# ElmerFudd
) t7 Q$ D+ |: sthe world has come to right senses
Author: abrasu1qquuu7    Time: 6-24-2012 17:37

Author: 4fb7c07bb43be    Time: 6-24-2012 21:59

Reply 77# xianhu ! m& m' @% O; k% J, Y

& G  B: R7 u; x/ R+ ?  I
9 @+ t7 T5 Y/ M( B$ {  j    yes it support flash
Author: xianhu    Time: 6-24-2012 22:11

Reply 80# 4fb7c07bb43be
% d" G$ H1 a$ l1 z! E& e' l- Mif it supports flash, then you should be able to access it, provides your cell has enough processing power and ram
Author: burt1    Time: 6-30-2012 14:11

I can access game, currently on phone right now, but game says missi.g plug in. how and where do I find and get plugin?
Author: lekool    Time: 6-30-2012 21:18

If you are using iphone, it doesn't support flash. That's why you need to install the flashtop to play the games remotely.
Author: ivan0507    Time: 7-1-2012 02:05

Author: ivan0507    Time: 7-1-2012 02:06

Crystal Saga is not able to play in mbile
Author: ivan0507    Time: 7-1-2012 02:06

but this is very nice
Author: burt1    Time: 7-3-2012 15:40

i'm using motorolla atrix with firefox (android system). i will look for flash top.
Author: burt1    Time: 7-3-2012 16:32

I downloaded  dolphin browser.  Problem solved
Author: amargillz    Time: 7-3-2012 23:17

so i now i hav to buy flash phone
Author: abrasu1qquuu7    Time: 7-4-2012 00:01

Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 7-4-2012 13:30

Reply 83# lekool # g( y9 W  ~: t& k4 i9 v
1 L* w9 J, [! A  G1 M8 n9 L
Wha da Hell.. I have an iPhone you could of said that earlier before i bought the thing, jesus you're slacking jane
Author: ElmerFudd    Time: 7-4-2012 13:31

guess i'll just keep hitting on siri in my spare time  
Author: GM_SweetSusie    Time: 7-4-2012 14:32

Reply 91# ElmerFudd : ~$ K! z- g9 r

' D, R' r" ^/ @( u6 ]; d; y' h, A' [: c! ]# @
   splashtop will work on ur iphone
Author: elhamz    Time: 7-4-2012 17:12

pretty cool
Author: 4fb7c07bb43be    Time: 7-4-2012 21:21

y sentrary not run on my mobile it suport flash it has every thing than y ...# H6 H  `3 D, v2 B- s
Author: m.zain79    Time: 7-4-2012 23:45

y sentrary not run on my mobile it suport flash it has every thing than y ...' Q. J- `- |  c$ T; O. d" @5 }9 z
Author: xianhu    Time: 7-5-2012 03:56

Reply 96# m.zain79
/ B# S) c% j% h4 X6 `hi% x/ g( c* z( M  q. a
does your mobile support RAM and ROM, also what model of phone do you use?
Author: 4fb7c07bb43be    Time: 7-5-2012 04:50

Reply 97# xianhu
/ H: y$ |" q5 W6 W: F$ _2 j) m2 d$ z

; o( }. D" `5 Y# v: x- R; Z   its samsung glaxy S2
Author: burt1    Time: 7-6-2012 12:43

ok small problem.  i can play game on my phone but i can only play a new account, i cant seem to play my laptop account. any suggestions?7 K9 D/ N9 q: h8 S1 l
, W8 `0 x# z1 L, w0 O+ ?" \  n* w, W
i can log in then it sends me to a new account page, i typed my lord name in and it simply set me out in a new game. now it sends me to new game every time, how do i get to the origional account???
Author: xianhu    Time: 7-6-2012 22:41

Reply 98# 4fb7c07bb43be 9 u) }; H# Y" A& q, `( x: [" f
- P" {$ ]9 p: A* T1 v2 Y% t6 N) _ Galaxy SII supports flash, but you will need to download flash player, also there is question of speed you get and the RAM cache
6 N9 y: h; L) F3 W8 ]so its hard to say unless you clearly specify the error you get
- Q+ l' D3 u5 b; O7 b" M* R: S: jThanks

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