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[News] Lekool Ninjawaz Closed Beta Launch

Lekool games is proud to announce the launch of the most awaited game of 2011, Ninjawaz.  Ninjawaz is a free-to-play anime based MMORPG, featuring many of the well known characters and monsters from famous anime like Naruto & Bleach. With multiple classes and nations, it changes the traditional notion that one character can only play one class. In this game, you can choose from many anime inspired characters, with exclusive classes and hidden skills.
* @/ n3 Y7 H% G5 }The Closed Beta will launch on 19th August 2011 at 6:00 AM EST.3 Q' \1 p" J* A+ H5 G

3 z7 h  g, R; e( l& `* G3 v9 qAnime Fans who like Naruto & Bleach will instantly connect with Ninjawaz. : M" d  h' _. R2 b
' b. P. o' `$ o( M; F3 N) ]8 |
Ninjawaz can be classified as a showdown of Naruto vs. Bleach. Players should prepare for pulsating action, gorgeous animations, and a unique & non-rigid approach to character progression.1 Q" k! L3 V, q7 G) X% ^! ^
Ninjawaz offers you the chance to explore hundreds of paths. Combining various classes can create a volatile and powerful combination for your character; add to that the different armor and weapon options. There are practically innumerable sets of armor and weapons for you to equip onto your character, making them even more powerful. A wide and varied Multiple Synthesis system, which players can use to combine & enhance their items for an awesome result.  A unique Pet System, where an excellent pet can offer multiple roles of assistance to players, and each pet offers a unique benefit to its owner in terms of aid and skill advantage.
' K& r; ?2 X' Q/ x9 v  c: MNinjawaz is a colorful landscape and fun environment that allows you to interact with the game instead of just passing through it.& H; a; H) s3 [$ ?
3 _' A9 G5 M. Z* r  ^
Lekool games will give all closed beta testers daily Free Gold to spice up the gameplay and some unique events await you.

8 N+ c: M& n9 R9 h% d4 V# C0 ~1 g) T8 Z
Epic anime adventures await you in Ninjawaz.  Be Prepared  for pulsating action & Gorgeous animations
7 H+ @5 }; o4 y/ N9 e  K& z" zJoin Us at CB 7 N* Q: q  b7 n
Game Link :
5 f+ c3 {6 D) A4 k( R/ BVideo link : [% |. |, H  V9 U/ m9 ]
Facebook Fan page link : E( X" \; C; ?0 p$ y
  @% h& R7 W* K+ ~) ~7 p
) C; x4 n4 X; l6 plekool team
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