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[News] Lekool Senatry Official launch

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! Z. ?/ A$ N6 SLekool Games is delighted to announce the Open Beta Launch of the Brand New free web browser MMO game Senatry.
9 S3 r, w% ]- E; F5 @5 Y The launch Of Open Beta will begin on 4th August 2011 at 8:00 PM PST.$ l4 s4 X! U  _4 `: L
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Centered on the era of ancient Rome, Senatry incorporates elements of RPG, RTS and city building where players can enjoy a journey through time via the splendid scenes and building constructions to conquer the world and kill your enemies.
& T" t& D# i6 e2 ISenatry features world-wide expeditions, strategy, tactics and innumerable league and farm wars, fight to gain total control of your area, with your fellow family. Battles include both progressively more difficult NPC and enemy players for true PVP battles.
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& _  W3 }( B6 DThe road to glory will not be strewn with roses, but challenges, quests, and exploration.: G4 z0 r$ n; V$ O/ b1 u: m/ O
# e/ D  E0 @2 U7 _' t6 ~1 vThe video trailer can be found at:
, w9 k( e' z* PFacebook link is: Senatry Facebook App' a) m$ [% l- P7 a

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