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[News] Lekool Launches "Senatry"

Dear All,
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% A: o6 s! z$ pLekool Games announces the launch of Brand New free web browser MMO game Senatry.  The Game Crafted on the genre of real-time strategy and combat. ! ^$ h: @- i! C, M( v5 t8 j9 ^$ _
The launch Of Closed beta will begin on 24th July 2011 at 7:00 PM PST.
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- W( J+ w5 G# q, I/ @" ~Fabulously combining MMO, web, flash and strategy, Senatry is centered on the era of ancient Rome, more specifically Senatry happens in 50 BC when Caesar was murdered and thousands of other tribal leaders eye for power and wealth. This finally results in the conflict between each faction. Incorporating the elements of RPG, RTS and city building where players can enjoy a journey through time via the splendid scenes and building constructions to conquer the world and kill your enemies.
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At the peak of 2D games, Senatry features world-wide expeditions, strategy, tactics and innumerable league and farm wars, fight to gain total control of your area, with your family.  Battles include both NPC and enemy players for PVP.  In Senatry, you can destroy the rebels, colonize the lands and other players, and even obtain free Gold using your smart tactics., M) }% p1 R# f9 ~2 e2 ]2 E
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Within the game you have the ability to hire famous names such as Spartacus, Asterix and Boudica to name but three; but don’t forget the people that featured in their history too will be available along your splendid journey in the world of Senatry.
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Each hero will have his or her own specific traits that you can then use to build a personally styled army.  To suit your gaming style troops such as swordsmen, bowmen, horsemen and ballistics are attached to the heroes.  We are not finished there with the personalization either, to further enhance you heroes you have the ability to purchase and upgrade attire and weaponry to adorn them with.. {0 Q, B' Z7 u1 Y; C

# o- M, i1 X7 ULearn to deal with resources and battles by keeping in mind strategy and tactics, the ability to gather food and silver to expand your conquest and empire. 6 D$ V6 Y; k3 M8 v+ P$ C8 i) r, @1 a9 K  O

1 H! p; G0 ^3 T2 [0 y* y5 _But since all beginnings are difficult, you must begin your story in a small village with a limited amount of resources and a makeshift defense but your people still pin all their hopes on you my Lord, only you can bring peace to the lands.
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- Y& N  b% c& h8 J1 _1 DSenatry can be described in a single word, Awesome2 ~, C) F! H! K' V8 s
Join Today & win free Gold Everyday!!" P5 s0 t  @  t+ w, P

/ a( z+ P3 Q3 {4 J) jThanks5 W' U' w! S, v' q  N  G
lekool team
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Sweet game keep up the great job to all


the game is so boriing......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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