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[Announcement] We Need YOUR Feedback!

Post Last Edit by Zardon at 3-31-2011 18:48
' ?9 Z/ {. W" a1 M1 `# U6 ]1 I
3 R# ^( U: M" N; o6 [8 E# ~+ QThe marketing and web development teams have been thinking of ways to improve the look and overall appearance of our webpages. We want to know what YOU think.: i* N+ m6 {1 M: i% R2 p: _9 R

- y0 I; Z& }7 \) nLet us know what you would like to see added or improved on any of our landing pages.
# V6 L# A4 E* @" D$ {
4 X# T9 Q. B& c) k" i$ }Caesary Online -
( \$ f0 n0 r9 t4 a0 U6 dBusiness Tycoon Online -
0 a. Q1 i; B' m  P! h: QDragon's Call -
+ P  o2 j" k/ ZLegends of Xian -$ K: o; N9 k% f4 k: y4 v
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5 E' X% N, A$ l0 z8 jWarFlow - l7 k5 \8 F, t0 H- a# }
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9 R: Y0 s3 N2 \& ?8 d# K1 y" w( j0 o- M6 L# t9 _
. N8 O+ P1 K, ^5 ^6 YLeKool Staff
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Time to give Forum wall paper a whole make over, and the ranking system for forum. Add titles which players can use etc. Also I'll be able to create sigs for players who play different games soon, so everyone can have a sig for which game they play.


Reply 1# Zardon
( v" I- _2 c4 v  Y2 @% Z, v2 l  ~* P) g, H" i# Q% M9 ]- Z

) R* M6 q' P( Q8 E8 a   More customization options for My Space.% Z0 c1 y7 w/ A$ U
- Like the back ground, can upload your own background.
- Make it like the QQ my space, if you ask lekool she should know.
' o6 ?7 ~9 R9 P, Z8 ?# b- Able to play music on your my space page.
! G' {8 P! A- ^7 x- The comments in my space should be change as it gets confusing. Change it like facebook one.+ c( u: S2 \( T! J! G
8 Q" B: ~. W5 o4 I3 }
2 H0 o! c7 b( m
All above will take a long while I'm guessing..


As for the BTO in game pages. There is a lot of Ad space in there. wouldn't be bad to toss in a single ad. nothing flashy or to attention pulling. Specify down to purchasable ads rather then game advertising so we don't start losing players. Would be a good fill for that Giant white space at the bottom of the game. or the sides.
! j3 w! I* b7 @' H$ J# m  M0 L6 u* q( e7 R6 q9 X: _1 U  \7 J; ?3 t
As for the are. there are huge extra's on the sides of the page that you can land a nice standing ad there to increase Lekool revenue. But overall the background needs a nice overhaul. stretch the texture effect to at least 1920x1080 since that is becoming the new standard for monitors. That glitched and broken outer ring with nothing will start deterring players.
. a( M4 I' ~" \0 R- K" Y; v4 V4 R# n2 p$ h% g5 d
When a website cant have a good landing page that doesn't leave much hope for the game itself.
% ~, g8 r: O" C9 I  k1 l/ I3 V9 U# y* z
Also on the forum page there is a broken div statement in your HTML coding which i already pointed out to Xian. but just thought i would mention again so its not forgotten. It creates 3 link buttons way off to the left hand side. but its just another bug that can be dealt with. i already found the div statement that's broken. If you guys want help with any of the website stuff lemme know.
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I highlighted some of the ares i think are issue ares. and just a followup message from my last one.
" H% ~: a$ \, J6 b" @/ U' a3 s
4 s# ]1 ]. T7 i8 R' m2 |
2 `7 J% U' S5 I! g  O% U
2 f6 D- V4 }0 n* O6 E
) N7 u) e8 b: b$ m# Q  b: b- pAnd i highlighted some decent ad space here that would sell pretty good.1 d; N% I$ t5 a5 e1 r5 W: h/ M3 V3 I
" `! L1 @+ B- Z  D5 u* \
! I. a' P" g7 y( {; d- |

. V2 Z# K& W$ F3 j
9 N/ _& L1 O. @: j. d0 V. lHere is the problem area on the page. i arrowed the issue and i also set up a notepad with the code that should be removed to remedy the problem.
$ B$ E/ w  Z  e+ p
- g$ y/ R1 z0 h' ]1 ?# i1 n$ [5 F
/ Z1 l2 k) B1 C- t) C8 E2 B, `
Hope this all helps.
Never Give up! Never Surrender!


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