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Follow and Post on Blogs, Vote on Ranking Sites!

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8 U( p; Q4 Q3 H! g" i3 WThere aren't many blogs out there that do much in promoting MMO games.  Most MMO sites don't focus too much on blogs, rather they focus on news posts, featured highlights, and developer news.  Normal blogs that users post are often hidden away from spotlight or ignored.
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2 u; C6 e+ q* v+ V  W$ T2 S/ X+ N. JFor those who want to help promote LeKool's games, you can create an account and follow/post on the following blog sites (these sites put a lot of focus on community involvement so it will be great to promote our games there):; k* h: \# X  k7 z9 s" C+ x5 S

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If you guys find anymore good blog sites that are active, reply to this thread and I'll add them to the list.  Most blog sites require you to send an email to the webmaster of that blog in order for your post to be posted (that's usually what my job is on a weekly basis on marketing team ;D ) so I like to focus on sites that allow the users to be involved.
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Here is a list of sites that have ranking systems on them....go ahead and give LeKool's games a high rank!
6 D+ ?8 K! a; h5 k: o8 ^8 q
# R; m& w+ V- F4 O/ \0 X
, K; S! ~' @2 R5 l3 c
  S1 M' G! L: u, O8 f8 Z( c) a' K/ I; l5 k. }% U+ E, d2 q8 a [  @. U+ h/ `1 Z
, {7 g- {4 h3 y8 ~  F$ r, v
3 B9 ]% t1 c; D) i. {) i
& [8 R5 b' T, GIf there are any sites I missed, please reply to this thread. Thanks!
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