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[News] New MMORTS, Lord of Ages, coming to LeKool!

On March 10th, Lord of Ages will be released on LeKool's already active portfolio of browser-based MMOs.
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+ C1 O0 a1 Q( W, @' ~$ i. _5 ELord of Ages is a browser-based, real-time, military strategy MMO whose gameplay features many players will find similar to games such as Caesary and Evony.  No loading time, no preparations, conquest building, resource finding, army buildup, and research speedup are all part of the various features seen in Lord of Ages.
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To see the full article, you can go to our blog post here.
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6 y0 H; M: y. ]8 J" @. BWe hope everyone is as excited about the launch as we are!
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5 ?" o4 ^! S: `" Z- y# l! ]LeKool Staff
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