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Mute Guidelines for Ingame

Dear Players/ M' s! U# Y# I" C6 [, V

7 B( w4 {% \; k; E& f: N3 c7 gThis is a mini guide to show you the players the rules on what we consider rude, illegal or unacceptable behaviour in game play.  It allows you to see some of the measures we will take if the rules are broken and help you understand the rules easier and to elaborate on the TOS.% {; N6 Z. K6 T" u" @3 I& v* c

, g) |" x5 d; {& o( {+ X5 I2 U- g; vWe are showing you this to elevate some of the grief and upset you feel may be imposed on you or others, we hope you understand that we are trying to create a fun, friendly safe environment for all to enjoy. Please try to think of it this way, would you let a child under 16 see it, if not then action is needed.2 _! X+ P- U5 w. ]4 h
Thank you
& m* c) f9 G- Y; P) a( m: O% ]5 p* e/ X* t- d  E5 \" ^$ p  v
Lekool team1 P: L- D! Y1 v4 b

  Z: h* i/ l  L' M" H1 q. [+ tActions by Players:
+ G+ ?% f4 S# R5 S
( x: l4 H" V* fPlease bear in mind the following when reading
, i! \8 q# j* _/ A6 t- ?/ J1 - Public chat is any chat that is not private chat or guild/union/clan chat
+ q9 I) {' r$ l" e3 b8 c2 – Under normal circumstances you will be warned before any muting takes place unless the moderator feels more harm/upset will take place if they were to delay the mute.
$ Y  R9 l% M! `  \3 – Mute length in most circumstances is at the moderators discretion, unless we set a minimum time. Repeat offenders mutes will be longer.
3 g7 t. w& r4 s/ ^: d4 – The following actions are not acceptable in game or on the forum.
/ l& R/ {' c7 z! l- |* C* q
5 \( f% H7 S7 d) D+ x+ c( x" s# v
. H' |. G  B5 }/ X; j. D0 l, I4 U
a.        Flood: The Players are not allowed to post similar messages in chat any flooding warrants a mute.
  _( ]/ x) |! M# V& M9 [3 hb.        Symbol Flood: The Players are not allowed to flood symbols. The following is considered Symbol anything like (*.*) or <*!*> for example. It may not be the same symbols, but a combination of symbols that is senseless and doesn't have to be written. A face at the end of a regular sentence to show you are happy or sad etc is acceptable.
5 H, z+ a: A$ ]$ y" dc.        Smiley/Emote Flood: The Players are not allowed to flood smiley’s/emotes. The only exception is when a player achieves a goal within the game and the other players are showing their respect." m# \/ T( b0 {: R# k9 D! J& ]( T
d.        Capital Letters (Caps): The Players are not allowed to excessively use capital letters, using all caps is considered yelling but some words in caps mean stress. The following explains what is allowed or not with Caps. The use of more than one word in capital letters is forbidden. Capsing the first letter of every word in a sentence is ok, while capsing several letters in more than one word (example: „HoLy MoLy, ThIs RoCkS!“) is again considered capsing.
. D: c* g4 Y% d" ]! C! Fe.        Rudeness, Insults, Foul Language: The Players are not allowed to use rudeness or foul language. Furthermore you will be punished for insulting others. You will be warned and muted as necessary dependent on the severity again.
1 _# t4 r4 |3 l8 q, W( w5 r0 Lf.        Veiled Cursing: The Players are not allowed to veil any curses or rudeness by using abbreviations or punctuation or other means of veiling them. You will be warned and muted as necessary dependent on the severity again.
- _% E) c2 a5 `8 ?" x+ R( Sg.        Graphical Images: The Players are not allowed to swear, use rude images, insult or abuse the rules in any other way by use of a graphical image. This will result in 30 mins to 6 hour minimum mute time dependent on the severity, continued swearing will result in additional mutes, such players will be reported to Admin and kept an eye for further rule breaking.
7 f( Z0 f) N" s' v# u# B  Ih.        Distributing Links not related to Lekool games: Players are forbidden to distribute links that are not related to Lekool Inc. We differentiate between links which will be punished at a different rate. If you post links to other games you will be warned, muted,, then reported to Admin. For repeat offenders then the account may be banned. Other common links like sharing YouTube video or sites which are helpful like Wikipedia are allowed. Discussing other games in Public Chat is forbidden and will be warned /muted/ banned as necessary. Pornographic sites, hack sites and other sites which may be harmful are not allowed at all, you will be warned then muted for 30 mins, and reported to admin.
5 X5 ~* k; b5 b7 q2 v8 vi.        Real Life Threats: Will NOT be tolerated at all for any reason. We also reserve the right to ban the users IP in these cases, muted for 30 mins, screen shots taken and reported to admin.
4 {8 ?" V8 b0 P9 ~j.        References to illegal drugs: Illegal drug references will warrant a long mute after warning of minimum 60 mins. Repeat offenders may be banned
/ Y" q" N) x6 r6 \' E( qk.        Allowed languages: The official language of this server and all games on it is English Only. It is forbidden to use any other languages in public chat. If you want to talk another language you are free to do so in Private Chat, Clan Chat, League Chat or Guild Chat. If you fail to respond to the Moderator request you will be muted.
" ]1 Y' O, j; D  dl.        Selling characters/Accounts: Selling characters and accounts is forbidden. If caught, both accounts will be banned, in such cases chat logs are saved as proof and reported to admin.  Exchanging in game items as a swap is acceptable; giving gifts to another player is too.
9 [+ Z# L% x2 @  }( i1 Om.        Racial Remarks: Racist comments are not to be tolerated and should be warned that this is not acceptable behavior followed by a mute. If severe then a screen shot is taken and reported to admin, length of mute at moderator’s discretion and the severity of the remark.8 b) j* N* L, X: \) [; i/ ~* L
n.        Accounts: You as a player are only allowed 1 account per server, if you set up more than 1 account using a different email you face having your email banned.  If you wish to restart your account please contact admin if your game does not give you the option to do so.; F' [; I0 @) a# {; \8 m( }
o.        Inappropriate Character Names: You as a player must not use a character name that is rude, swearing, veiling, or offensive in any way to another person.  You account will be banned.
$ D# F, p" a  }6 |p.        Inappropriate Guild/Clan/League Name: You as a player must not use a character name that is rude, swearing, veiling, or offensive in any way to another person.  You account will be banned.
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