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New Facebook Registration

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We have recently enhanced our registration and login process using facebook connect, gmail, yahoo and open ID.  If you have a facebook, gmail or yahoo account, you can directly login to lekool without the need to register. But you need to be already logged into those applications. If you have previously used our facebook or OpenID to create an account, you should be able to continue to use facebook, gmail, yahoo or open ID to login. 3 z! f* t- D6 s8 F

+ t0 y% N  W& }* r& }The new url is:
. I) R- g- [+ U/ G; R3 j" o4 j& F j( o3 V( D) y
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Thanks for your attention to this!+ E" x& b1 E8 Q3 \4 E1 V

) B8 K+ \1 g3 T* c& d% F' |- HLekool
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