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Join Us at Lekool Music Room for Fun!

Hi everyone just letting you all know we have set up a Lekool Music Room on Raidcall please use the link provided to Download Raidcall and then come and join us in the Lekool Music Room. You can listen to music while playing all your favourite games on Lekool and if you wish and need a channel placed on the server please mail and Admin or a Server Admin who will create a channel for you. You can also chat with admins and other gamers too. Hope to see you there.
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is that maomao?


nice admin... like this


beutiiful admin!!!


if anyone from any of the games on lekool require a channel to be made up for their guild/league or clan please make an application here as follows. B- b+ x3 M( M' b

& x7 K+ W/ c' Y# SGame4 }3 ~3 C9 g: R0 P2 ~
Server. K. W: V  q8 `' F- N. M. H& v
Name of Guild/Clan/League

0 L' p% a" W4 G9 ^) KHost of that group
Head GM Ceasary


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