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No gold Hero

In this theard we discuss who is the best no gold can get.
I see all people get
Alvit and SiomidiS.  Easy to get them.
Just use coin in game. Coin can get by Beast Shooting, Boss hunting...

Some people get
4 Orange hero Task every day.
Finish 90 point every day task. that meaning do all task for along time.
Magni :20 day
Delling: 20 day
Jackiefay: 30 day
Jord: 40 day
All them: 110 day ~ 4 month.

You can get
Idun and Gannicus A long time
Every day you can get about 20-30 point in cross server. 40 point for 1 orange ticket
10 day you can get about 7-8 ticket
that mean: 150 day you can get Idun or Gannicus. and 300 day you can get both.
I think with great point i will get full set Organe Equiment.

Some one can guide me how to get red ticket?
I win harmony get 20 Orange ticket and 20 red ticket. But no more. If you can, please guide me how to get it.
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