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Insecure Connection for Pay Pal Payment

I went through the process to make my first gold purchase through Pay Pal.
After I entered all the payment information using a credit card to have payment made to 76 Plus Technology,
I get a pop up window saying, "The information you have entered will be sent over an INSECURE connection
and could be READ by a THIRD PARTY."
What's the point of using secure connection with COG and Pay Pal?
Is there another method of payment that is completely secure?

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Even though I refused to allow my information to go to an insecured connection,
I now see in System mail that I still made the purchase - twice as I accessed the payment system again to write down the warning about insecure connection, still not agreeing to the insecure connection.
So does that mean my payment information still was transmitted in an insecured connection to a 3rd party, or wasn't but just an authorization for payment?


will pass on for reply


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