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Ticket Number #195
Login issues... there are many people with login issues and yet we get a delayed response or the ticket not being answered at all. I have provided all the information required (screenshots) of the error and have not been contacted since... it seems customer service is not LeKools top priority. As a paying customer I expect issues to be resolved promptly or at least being told they're trying to be fixed rather than ignored for nearly 1 week. I guess this goes to show how much LeKool care about it's customers since they can not provide sufficient customer support. If they can not provide sufficient customer support, then I do not know why they have these jobs, the whole point is to fix issues and "help" players. Not ignore them. But if this is how LeKool treats its customers, I suggest not giving them anymore money and letting their business fail.
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I am sorry for the delay in replying to your issue, we have already replied to your ticket. you are using your i pad to play the game, did you try to login using a different device like a laptop or pc?
we tested your account using a pc and it worked fine without any issue.

The players who are getting black screen, its due to the flash player being disabled by default with recent windows/browser updates, enabling flash will fix the issue with the black screen.


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