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Siegelord S3 coming, Diamonds for you ! don't miss out!

Siegelord S3 coming, Diamondsfor you ! don't miss out!

a free toplay medieval strategy game. Choose your faction and claim your throne as youtake part in real time battles.

We will launchnew server for you on  7:00 pm 26TH  September PST. We prepare newbie for you ,the newbie include:wood:10000Food 10000,gold 10000,DIAMONDS 50,Yellow weapon1,Yellow clothes 1;

You can login  and getthe newbie code

We are waiting for you in game !

Come on and  yourfriends!

                                                             Siegelord operation team

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Yes, come to Server 3 PLEASE!  We don't have enough.
What goes around, comes around.


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