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Lvl.1 Jewel Chest,, encouragement

Hi  I like to give a suggest that may bring more enjoyment to game as following statement  【Tempest】 guild members killed Insect Lord (Lvl. 70), the attendances gained Lvl.1 Jewel Chest,, encouragement!  change into 【Tempest】 guild members  gained Lvl.1 Jewel Chest,, encouragement as killed Insect Lord (Lvl. 70) by a member ? I mean wouldnt be nice if system automaticlly rewards whole guild with lvl -1 jewel chests not just
attendances ?  

Thanks in advance
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the REWARD is intended for the players actually doing the event

it awards players actually ONLINE and playing (hopefully helping to kill the bosses) . otherwise you'd get a ton of mails with jewels in it for doing nothing

thank you


can not to get in on the game
can tell me anyone why?
i clear Cache but still nothing


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Reply 3# Cela3

   what error are you getting ? and what browser are you using ?
a few players reported black screen using firefox , if you can try chrome please and let us know


yea black screen  
i use chrome
i not try firefox


Reply 5# Cela3

   try restarting your modem see if that helps and wait 3 min then try connecting to game


i try not work
not work on firefox to


again not work
again black screen


Reply 8# Cela3

   servers are up and working


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