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[Help] How to Clear Cache & History from Browser

Hello All,2 q  l# {/ j9 l2 z

& |4 j. x- n2 ~This thread is to help guide users and players on how to clear your browser cache/history. 4 B3 t) Q% I  B" R' w
. u$ [. R  k( v* ~) y
MS Edge :
. H8 ?& G5 _! I- }& @# e: B- ?using MS Edge browser, locate the 3 dots on the extreme right top, which says More
2 p% F2 ^8 M3 p" _' y, w+ p5 e2 |1 L3 K* Q
3 W) Z1 {# X8 b3 R8 I; N: e0 @+ Z
Click more, to locate the "Settings" tab
5 c8 f; F3 W- e5 V# @$ S( q
7 w% i. t- l2 B3 Z# p- P7 E- d2 \2 A7 N; H; [. X8 B5 i6 I, D
Click settings and you will find the option saying "Clear browsing data" you will also find a option allowing you what you want to choose and clear from memory) U. [" d) [. I. `! j& Y9 D% z

' E, h5 c' J1 |# B/ y
- z: B. X8 {4 z2 C# r" L
' p& Y5 E% S4 ?2 n, R8 _1 U0 K5 W1 w" v4 k9 c
If you have saved password in your browser memory, then do not select the "password" option select the options as shown in the above screenshot and clear the data. it is recommended that you restart the browser once you clear the data, |6 V* H. i  d6 S' R/ D

' \( G, L- q6 S1 Y8 h7 u& X) ^8 ?& F" m5 T+ w- U* o: B
- y+ z' l7 ~4 x- I& K/ q: P: D# z) g8 t1 _
Using Firefox, locate the 3 horizontal lines "open menu" located on the right hand top side" p; e$ p' D6 W2 J9 x  ~. y
1 N0 s  {  K2 x

5 c. _4 ?+ Z( E! y; Y8 VOnce you click the menu, locate the "Options" tab on the popup7 t1 K4 r7 Q& U

( t- I- p/ w0 h7 ~
9 t  f" X/ P* O, M. Y6 ~- X) J. Bclicking "Options" will open more options in a page, locate "Privacy" Once you click "Privacy" you will see the option to "clean your recent history" you can also copy this link and paste it in new tab of firefox to open the privacy settings "about:preferences#privacy" (remove " when you copy and paste)
- {1 R' N6 F( w/ x8 s1 T/ W
% s3 k$ Q. V6 J$ ^8 S; s( K: F& y* u9 p) e5 Z
Click on the option to clean browser data and you will get a popup showing the options to clear the memory
- B# q, B6 ~1 Z# ?* S3 W. Z( J7 b7 R# J$ G* D3 V6 B. A& y! n
, w6 Z0 _5 C( R. L  N; h
we strongly suggest and request that you clear the cache/cookies/history and select the option "Everything", select the options as shown (cache/offline website data/cookies/active logins are a must) and click clear to proceed.
- ?1 `. j6 r! D! w0 V! g7 D
0 L) N7 l( x9 Y+ o0 D
7 {9 Z3 Q8 B; Y8 v: e# P) D7 j7 w: C. R3 {
Chrome:& ~* Z5 ]6 a$ l4 G( i
Using Chrome, again, locate the 3 horizontal lines "Customize" located on the right hand top side of the browser tab" o7 m7 N" f) e9 p; ~
" t) ]0 T  Y" A% ^) |
0 B  L9 [! g0 f+ u) w8 P9 B* F
Click the "customize" icon and you will find 3 options located on the left hand bottom left side, one of those will say "History". Click History first and you will see the history of browser activity with the option to clear it.
+ q3 i7 [! Y6 a+ q! D- H- d. m$ x. r7 P* L3 x/ L( l

( ^. p1 h. C( _) n' Y* OClick on "clear browsing data" and you will get a pop up showing the options you can select to clear cache/history$ ^& n" [1 e3 t* N4 Z5 N* W1 V
. t" A7 ~9 L3 r* D- N9 x
" ?; T7 n6 x4 t  r0 X7 V0 g
Select all the options (do not select the password option, if you have saved password on your browser)' K" j: y/ g! T9 g! D. {
then click "clear browsing data" on bottom of the popup* T0 T, K1 o* Z9 O  J

  b1 d- l4 r2 e; l. u6 f9 `, f4 ^! U5 U# l8 Y, `" c

% c6 i! ]- M& T# \* u8 HOnce you click it, wait and let it clear the cache/history. you can verify it again by checking history and it should show empty6 a/ n5 ?1 M, \( n7 ~! V& D3 k
! u: z% `6 f- Z1 Z
7 d5 q* f6 d4 k' M  Y
Note: Chrome based browsers like Comodo dragon, SRware Iron, Chromium etc all follow the same procedure of clearing history
; R, T" L4 v5 G8 D( ?: ]3 P6 X# l0 U3 k8 U' S) W
' E/ [" f4 ^) R6 {6 X

3 R5 u! B7 M4 K+ D7 FOpera:3 Y2 |1 m" o& P2 w+ A
, \3 _" f2 T. s9 x
In opera, the "Menu" tab is located in the left hand top corner of your screen, click "menu"
) _, X! p* Z+ o! C4 B
  M- J. l. o# l/ E6 y
( E; c# [3 ~* ELocate the "History" icon in menu or alternatively you can use "Ctrl + H" with opera in background/active tab to open history directly
0 }1 v2 v: X1 q4 p- Q
4 u6 ~) o) O: y+ ?) }9 P7 Y$ |& V/ U  m9 s+ y  r  |; k
Once you open history tab you will find all the history and can locate the "clear browsing icon" on the right hand top corner
! u; I$ K5 ?/ J6 Q0 e( E. a: J) V
. v; r; o% g5 M( E
Click "clear browsing data" and you will get a mini pop up showing the options you can use/select while clearing cache. select the options as shown and select from the starting of time period ! d! o  y! X& I
3 k* w. ^# R( z$ E8 V* I1 R3 ^
- {$ l. z9 ^+ v/ S: z8 q- Z$ {
' S0 H* b% W: @5 x$ Y; e0 V

: ^' Y" |! a. y. uclick clear and the wait for it to clear the history. on older operating systems like Win XP or Vista, you will need to restart the browser.
7 G) P* X# \( ~3 s4 I# g3 f: X  ?- F4 j" D
1 v3 J# f$ `8 G' V# u7 [
How to clear the System/Laptop Cache
% a) y8 ]9 ]# F! \! }' {# AIn some older operating system, you might need to clear your system history/cache manually. OS like Win XP or Vista or even newer OS might need to flush the temporary files to speed up your system or network. 0 V" Q/ ]) Q  ~1 B. F+ g

! X8 Y( ^3 Z6 B/ ^6 p) _-- Click the Start button to open the Start menu (In Xp, Vista, 7) In Windows 10 you can just type it directly in search bar next to "start menu"7 H* G4 ^. W& {
-- Find the Option "Run" in win XP, Vista, 7 and for windows 10 just Type "Run" in search bar! I! E. c  b! ~! I( A

8 K- _- e, G1 G* ]8 M9 Z/ S# [4 X. ^3 F
& l2 t$ a2 X- f" t  a# f. {( ^Once you get the "Run" pop up, type the following %temp%
; X9 I% F7 z$ s# x8 g
  k3 T+ W, m* O0 }  M7 s. R8 [0 s0 R  x7 k+ z# f7 G1 m# l

' Y  c; y$ K8 Q. O
0 a3 M4 x3 B/ B2 x, k% iClick Ok and it will open a new window showing your temporary system cache/files, select all the files and delete them (shortcut "ctrl+A" and "ctrl+D")
! F/ G/ g' ], [+ u, M& |" qNote : some files that are being used by the system currently or being used by the memory cannot be deleted, you will get a option to "skip" such files, please "skip" these filed to avoid any issues with your system ! N1 l+ h, n$ f
0 P; }8 j% E) P3 B1 W

# _0 Q' O7 }( l- L  O" y
& P. H7 a9 ?5 f  u7 d- Z
7 U# o0 I9 q  [( i, H6 j) f6 k+ ~; K* y& y% N; K
* v  w! _2 s  TThis is a guide to help members/players clear cache or history in case they do not know it. doing this should not result in any harm to your system, however lekoolgames does not bear any responsibility in case of any damage arising due to such activity, any said action stated in the thread is undertaken by the user at his own risk. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask.
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I heard that Windows Care Genius is able to clear cache and history from browser, you can get it from *Link Removed*


is there a maintenance?


i wanna know if there is a maintenance S15 , {( v0 L0 _" b+ E


Reply 4# elvie.vincoy
( o! q' D" f/ [  \% a& h
# i6 M7 [: z( S" v1 _7 H8 ]maintenance is posted in call of god's forums


looks like flash player got problem i can see my game screeen


looks like flash player got problem i cant see my game screeen
* l0 m1 W# L0 f" o7 i) r# Zlibaraki Post at 1-1-2017 00:12

7 c4 W: a8 d3 s) {
. n9 p* X# N4 A, ^! S
! A8 m9 [6 A: ?  y1 b* C  Y3 e: |# A) c. c: T: @
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