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SiegeLord Launch News, announces the launch of brand new game “Siegelord”. Siegelord is a free to play medieval themed browser game.
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( L0 N# r  j/ E/ S. U1 Z$ _The first server of “SiegeLord” launches on 14th September, 2015 at 10:00 PM PDT time.; M1 G+ t- M. Z. W$ o0 ^# K. g

0 B7 {- y; \& u; K( I7 D* ASiegelord is a FTP RTS, which requires no download and is published by lekoolgames. The game offers three factions to join: Nords, Albion, or Gorn. Each faction has its own advantages and perks that can aid it in its conquest. Siegelord features pure strategic battles where players can freely choose how to engage or counter the enemy’s strategy. Players can enjoy rich storyline quests or engage in PVP combat with other players online.
) q" g/ y( V5 I, P- qSiegelord takes elements of RPG games and perfectly blends them with a classic strategy game feel. Players will be able to recruit generals based on their skill sets and outfit them with loot found throughout the battlefields on the world map,  players can forge their own gear and endow their armor with powerful enhancements.
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) I+ m& m9 R5 B: P: ZSiegelord Features at a glance:
2 A+ b. |. J+ N) _* BRecruit Generals – Players can recruit generals to fight with them in their quest to claim the throne. Generals can equip weapons, gears, accessories and even mounts. Generals command a unit that can compose of archers, cavalry, catapults and many other.3 k6 g- ?6 G/ I  K; O4 l
Interactive Combat Mechanic – Unlike most strategy browser games, combat gameplay in Siegelord is not automated. The game uses rock-paper-scissors mechanics where one is strong or weak VS the other. Players can strategically select a specific command/skill to counter the enemy’s moves.$ Q+ N* E% ?& z" ?+ F
In Depth Strategy with City-Building Elements – There are 4 classes/lords to choose from in Siegelord. After selecting a hero, players must select a kingdom to join from 3 factions: The Kingdom of Albion, Empire of Gorm or The Nords Alliance. Players will then take control of a stronghold where they can build and upgrade farms, dwellings, sawmills, etc.
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6 g% N. Q5 h8 `& }0 `8 P$ v7 LWebsite: Q' K" h7 Y& X/ W
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