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Crystal Saga Server 3 Launch News

Join lekoolgames on Sunday, 28th June 2015 at 10:00 PM PST, as we unveil our Third Crystal Saga server,Divine”. $ l. _4 p3 v! u7 V6 f2 ?6 F8 ]% M
Crystal Saga is a free-to-play real time action RPG game, which offers a vast virtual world, detailed storyline and captivating gameplay. Our new server will be a PvE server.
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1 ]  w6 \4 x/ J, U3 g  BCrystal Saga is a fantasy based browser game that offers real time gameplay without the hassle of download. Choose from five available classes of playable characters: Mage, Paladin, Priest, Ranger and Rogue. Explore the maps, slay monsters and communicate with your buddies. The new server is a dedicated PVE server, which is specially made for PVE mode with limited PvP, no more chance of being bullied by those unfriendly players.
( ^7 M) m4 s' |5 _0 gExplore and discover the wide variety of attainable mounts, weapons and items. Find a group and take down wild beasts and barbarians, gaining glory and equipment to aid your progress. Tame a slew of available pets, aiding you and your group in battle. Participate in one of the many daily contests, events and dungeons that Crystal Saga has to offer." @# y0 g( F6 n7 J# t

  w9 W. n& U: v+ Z; o, RA little sneak peak to some features of Crystal Saga:; n' I5 c5 g5 z5 z
--        5 unique character class system, each class having 2 different specializations.
! S  w! N. H3 j8 }+ G--        Animated Battle System, PvP and PvE battle system.  n# C# F: ?# y* w, N2 G9 @1 N4 I
--        Pet & Mount System, where pets evolve.2 U4 @* ]. W4 W$ }$ j7 Y
--        Soul System which allows you to build character traits.# y5 y4 ]& c& Q9 k1 d3 l4 f
--        Team up with other players from around the globe.- O+ M3 |/ ], ?, n9 ^' l
--        7 unique daily quests to keep you on your toes.
7 S; r. F/ z6 c- W! e9 h5 }--        Unique Wing system to help you in battle.
& b. v/ [) T# k5 U1 w--        New dungeons, new pets, new quests & new NPC monsters.
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Oooooo, maybe I will rejoin CS as LT again!I had a lot of good friends on S-1 there back in the day, and to be honest, I am really tired of Warlord Saga. I will have to think about this new server.....LordTannose
Lord Tannose-Wu-WooHoo-WS


I hope Lekool doesn't make the same mistakes with this new server like they did with servers 1 and 2 that have never been resolved to this day.
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mwahahahah good one myst, looooool funny guy


Reply 4# clarke870
8 K' \( {4 o3 j% v9 n4 O3 g! WIt's sad actually, but most likely things won't change unless the players of the server group together and make the changes needed themselves. Too many quit S1 and S2 over time to be able to make any changes there now and why I won't be on those servers very often since this new server opened and has a chance to be better.   
Hyper / Mysterio / Kraven
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