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[News] Ninja Classic Launch News

Lekoolgames ( announced the launch of a brand new anime based online browser game, “Ninja Classic”. Ninja classic is based on famous anime characters4 e7 r9 B3 Y. M6 \
Ninja Classic Launches exclusively on lekoolgames on 26rd March 2015 at 10:00 PM PST. & E! {; I+ m" h) e/ w* f

* D/ o: w) T7 j' j4 J( [
, y5 R: r1 a( t: K) a4 D& Z1 v& _/ ]# G( i6 R( R' S8 |
1 ]/ U) K7 ]+ B  e5 @
Ninja Classic is RPG browser based game which is free to play and requires no downloads. The game has the original drawing style of the anime manga and follows the story line of the original manga.
( \/ t) X7 e! T; U  pThe game allows you to select from 3 different class category, namely Taijutsu, Ninjutsu or Genjutsu and each class category has its unique attribute. The game also allows the ever popular systems like equipment’s, forging, skill system and the PVP and PVC systems.1 l, L7 k5 \3 {( A
Join the game at launch and find more about this wonderful game and find more awesome features.
: b$ o$ a& t2 N- W0 t5 w8 u5 h, g. r! l, }
A little sneak peak to some features is stated below( \/ P1 i  F% x2 w. p8 [5 T# p
1. Class System) F2 T$ A; t  B5 ?/ T2 I
Choose from 3 different class which are different in every way and have unique abilities6 ?2 H0 j0 M2 T( |. _
2. Formation System
  y2 I$ r8 u$ z- cadd other ninjas to your formation, build a team of vanguard, assaulters and support. Remember to build a strong formation as it will be the deciding factor between win or loss
' E# W' `* r5 p; y+ ?/ P3. Equipment System
2 ]$ v8 o0 t9 L: {! UThe game allows you to gain equipments of different grade7 J) f, G& h3 ]
4. Guild
8 l2 }/ D! a) {5 o& }Join your guild members and fight battles along with them in Guild battles and join other activities
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this is very interesting game so funny.


server is live now+ ^3 k% @8 T# l0 y3 N
you can play at
0 t5 k, m" a1 k; E* N* tthanks


I known another manga game - one piece pirates. It's based on One Piece manga. It will be interesting it!


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