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[Imp Notice] Account Security Notice

Hello All,
, x/ v. C  J1 N% E% ]
( f6 s; G% e- w! e4 [4 h4 d+ cwe have noted some player/players sending emails to another top ranked players stating that they will get some rewards if they visit another link, we would like to state that all such links are fraud. lekool does not send any links to outside lekool.) h# ^4 f( z3 \

! l8 N4 y2 ^$ G  f! W) rwe would like to request that players exercise common sense and caution, entering your details on such links will cause you to lose your account, items and even steal personal information from your system. such links or any illegal software like hacking tools can cause backdoor to your system and cause you to lose real money and all your account details. please never click or use any link which makes false promises to you.$ M8 B: K1 H2 r# n' b
- u; `1 X4 \1 b
- M# f( j3 l4 D0 ]% N-- We at lekool do not send or advertize any external links for rewards) Y2 l( L/ G0 N1 I! m! _# ?" @' O
-- We do not ask for your password and login details+ c" s( n& q' o7 a+ m% J
-- All email correspondence with lekool only takes from following emails or, please make sure the links do not have any suffix or prefix, such emails can be fraud emails. emails like or are not lekool emails. please stay warned' @1 K5 f! f+ @. a  K; r6 p
-- We send system email to all players and not just few players, please keep a eye on the sender. any emails with external links can be fraud links.
* B8 `# }$ p( p0 k8 v-- all events in lekool are posted in lekool forums, we do not ask other players to go to other sites and claim any rewards.
- b5 D& S/ N# _( y-- any site which asks for your password for any other site or asks you to link accounts, for any gifts/rewards or any other benefits, please stay warned. such sites can steal your account information.
/ m/ X4 V) C: |( Z! x$ E* w5 A  a1 ^1 b% D* \  {

3 ]; }' u% v- J5 D4 q) BThanks6 G( J& z: H4 ^9 j0 A3 H: e; ^
lekool team
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