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this is what i learn what you should do in first stages on game.  complately deny barack tower. ( it will has no use to you after first map as mobs will kill your soldiers in a second) even dont fortify it. and stop fortifying arrow tower after map 3 because your arrow tower will be weak after map 4 ( will use mages- tornado for that.) and for the fliers, you are gonna use cannon tower - missle seeker.
So here it goes for what you should spend your first crystals in the beginning and then you can decide for what to spend them after you get used to game play.

1. Dragooner ( 2 Dark Soul Crystals)  ---- definitely need in early levels. its base attack damage in much better than bombardier. but use only base tower. do not upgrade skills for dragooner
2. hero training slot ( 2 DSC) ---- you will gain more exp and will be able to run blitz earlier for shards for better equips. definitely needed in early levels.
3. Witch towers ( 2 DSC) + tornado ( 5DSC) --- this is the tower you gonna use in every level. and definitely the best tower in the game. mage geomancer +wasp is sending enemies back also but Tornado giving damage to them so way better.
4. Assasin+ Fly Cutter ( 7 DSC total) --- this is the best tower after mages but it only good till level 4 map after that its not efficient anymore.
5. Bombardier+ Seeker missles ( 7 DSC Total) ---- this is the tower you are going to use after level 4 map and it can hit flyes and if enemies dies before it hits, it finds another enemy to hit and the good thing is it always hits an enemy. so i suggest use bombardier and witch towers and fortify them. my barrack level is 14 and cannoner is level 45 with mage.  so you will not use barack and arrow much after some level. so dont fortify them.
6. Robing bounty hunter talent ( 2 DSC) this will help you a lot to increase your goods during battle and your heroes will have more hit points with this. so in early levels, move robin in front to get more goods to upgrade your towers faster.
7. Extra training slot for 2 DSC, it will help you to train two heroes same time and will benefit you to increase your power in maps.
8. Blizzard both for 7 DSC

after that you can decide what to use your DSCs but i suggest try to get .50 cal from arrow towers as it has chance to one shot kill any high BP enemy and then save them for upgrade your heroes.

How to get hero upgrade shard which you wanna?

first make sure your inventory is full. lets say you have only warrior upgrade shard and a hero upgrade chest and your inventory is full. then try to open your chest and it will say inventory full because there is no enough space. during that time , you get korina upgrade shard but as there is no enough space in inventory it will warn you. so you can try it again till you get warrior shard. and when you get warrior shard it will open cause you already have warrior shard in your inventory.

Use this for Durin upgrade shard because its harder to get it as only has around %5 chance to get it. so keep a durin shard in your inventory and hero upgrade chest and then make sure your inv is full and try to keep open it till its open till you get durin shard.

this works in almost every game which has inventory and has chest with % to get stuff. i can count some other games also but it wouldnt be good for advs anohter game.
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I wanna your game play in 5th map
record video possible?


it seems you cannot force chests anymore? agea can confirm?


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   the meaning of forcing chests ? explain pls


as described in the upper post by wolwvarine, and how i think you got enough shards for 1st and 2nd hero upgrade


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    to agree with you ı shouldve been able to ugrade atomika but ı never had that luxery in order to do so  since ı have shards for all heroes . maybe trick was true and possible but not for me
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