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Hmm... only time when I get just a black screen is when free memory is low.
Usually it works after closing some applications and browser tabs, then close tab of game and start with new tab.
If that doesn't work you will definately need to check your browser settings and firewalls.


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please provide the following so we can help check your issue
Ping test result, please ping the following link and give us the screenshot result of the ping test

please provide us the speed test result of your network, test your speed at the following link and provide us with the screenshot result of the speed test

please provide a full page screenshot of the error you get when you try to login and following details
Your system configuration
browser used
what firewall you use
your flash and shockwave version
when did you last clear your browser cache and history (everything in history and all tabs selected)

thanks in advance


finally it work..... ty xianhu, the saint, chintiazq for ur advices.... just reset to default browser fom "setting"...


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